14 Killed in the Suicide Bombing Attack by Taliban in Kabul

During the rush hours of the morning on August 7th, a suicide car-bomb attack was done by the Taliban in the city of Kabul which is the capital of Afghanistan. A police station was targeted for the attack which killed at least 14 people, out of which, four were police officers while the rest were civilians, with women and children among the dead. Not only this, 145 people were injured further, states the government.

Scores of people were carted from the carnage to nearby hospitals. There were several images posted later which shows expressions of exhausted devastation from within the remnants of the blast.

According to Reuters a Taliban spokesperson mentioned in a statement that their forces had bombed a “recruitment center”. He also boasted that a “large number of soldiers and police were killed or wounded.”

Seqiq Sediqqi, a representative for President Ashraf Ghani, remarked on Twitter that “many innocents were harmed in this Taliban suicide attack in Kabul which was targeted in a civilian area. Such continuous attack from Taliban only gives indication that they have no commitment to peace.”

There are several peace negotiations going on in Doha which is some 4,000 miles away. Both U.S. and Taliban representatives are touting to be making positive progress. But unfortunately till date it has not curbed the bloodletting and raising skepticism over whether the Taliban should be trusted to carry through with any inked agreement.

It has been documented in the U.N. Assistance Mission to Afghanistan that some 3,812 civilians had been killed or wounded in just the first half of 2019. According to them the year 2018 had been the most lethal year of all where more than 3800 people have died and more than 7000 inhabitants has been hurt severely from the attacks till date.

In the meantime, U.S. peace envoy Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad who is an Afghanistan-born states that he is very optimistic about the final accord which is likely to be drawn up by September 1.  With this agreement in place around 70 percent of the 20,000 NATO forces would then leave the country, 14,000 of which are Americans.