2 Publix Employees Click their Engagement Snaps at the Store Where they Met

Two employees of Publix supermarket store are soon going to take the vows. The couple – Alexandra Darch and Dylan Smith, both 22, are all geared up for their nuptial which is scheduled on 5th January 2020. They plan to celebrate it with their co-workers and a famous Publix cake. The love birds got connected at the supermarket where they both were working together.

Alexandra shared that she met her future husband Dylan Smith at a Lakeland Publix nearly three years ago and the two of them agreed that it was love at first sight. Dylan came in on his first day and they made eye contact. She was on a register and he was getting the store tour.

The outlet tells that their love blossomed as the duo began spending more and more time together. Darch even started picking up late shifts to connect with her beau.

It was reported in the Sun-Sentinel that their engagement was fixed on July 28. They had booked a different location to capture their engagement photos. But destiny had something else stored for them. A thunderstorm struck there and they could not do the needful. Engagement photographer Jennifer Goodlet reveals that – “It was only then the two thought of PUBLIX – the place they met, fell in love, and one of them is still working there and the other was there once upon a time too!” Darch and Smith took the blessing of the store manager and successfully took their celebratory portraits at the place where it all began.

The sweet pictures captured the couple smooching behind a freezer door then of them riding a shopping cart which was sampling legendary cookies of Publix. Very soon the unique photoshoot received a ton of local buzz. According to the bride-to-be she never expected so much fame. Darch told the Sentinel that “The reaction to them going viral is very overwhelming and such a cool experience. We both are so blessed to get such wonderful comments.”

According to a representative of Publix – “The Company is thrilled about the store bringing in the couple together. Their Publix family is now more than 202,000 associates strong. Certainly we have our share of associates who found love while working with us.”‘