2M Holdings is Growing and Gaining Recognition

2M Holdings India Private Limited is a group of companies, beginning as a Venture Capitalist in the vertical transport industry. Although their initial vision was to cater to all the vertical transport needs of their customers, they have since ventured into several domains, further expanding their vision to be inclusive of their novel endeavours.

Since its founding in 2005, 2M Holdings India Private Limited has grown to become one of the leading companies when it comes to the manufacturing and export of elevator parts in India. The company specialises in worldwide Research and Development, design, training, production and sales of elevators, escalators, moving walks and other elevator components.

2M Holdings was legally registered in 2015 and presently comprises of 7 companies, dealing with lift technician education, app development and cloud computing, in addition to the manufacture, installation, servicing and logistics of lifts and escalators and their components.

They began with investing in the supply of elevator and escalator components, designed and produced in the European nations, China and India, but started manufacturing them in-house by 2013. A year later, they started assembling complete vertical transport units too. Currently, the company exports products to more than 30 countries and regions. Thanks to their expansive clientele, 2M helps millions of people move every day and have become a recognisable brand in the elevator and lift industry.

In a competitive industry like this, companies don’t need big budgets to grow. They rely on repeat business and referrals. Such a feat can only be achieved if the company is ticking all the boxes for its existing clients whether it’s the manufacturing of quality products or their market reach. 2M has successfully achieved all of those metrics to become a one-stop-shop for all elevator needs.

2M’s catalogue of lifts, escalators, and components has solutions for projects of all kinds, be it high-end ones or more affordable designs. The company ensures that their highly durable products manufactured with some of the finest material available are safe to use and operate for users as well as the environment.

Their management has the experience, insight and cutting-edge technology available to cut through the noise and deliver according to their customers’ needs. 2M goes out of its way to make sure its clients are satisfied and that all of their elevator needs are met splendidly.

Their customers do not only benefit from their industry’s technical expertise but also through their willingness to listen and understand their customers’ needs, basic requirements and logistical issues. After hearing the customers’ side, they craft an expert solution that meets their customers’ criteria.

Their engineers and designers are well equipped with knowledge and tools to address any problems that arise for the customers. Among rising companies to watch out for, 2M is at the forefront of the manufacturing sector and based on the success and growth they have achieved so far, their future only looks bright.