3 Tips to Convert ‘Clicks’ to ‘Sales’, by Rick Contreras

Today, there are millions of people across the globe with a product or service they sell online. Whether it’s through their own website or on an e-commerce platform. However, there is more to successful digital marketing than meets the eye. Here, top-rated Amazon consultant and entrepreneur Rick Contreras shares 3 noteworthy tips to boost conversion rates online.

With features in Yahoo News, NY Weekly, MarketWatch and Influencive, he is the owner of Rick Contreras Consulting –a consulting agency that has helped thousands of people build their Amazon seller pages.

1. Broadcast your message loud and clear

According to Rick Contreras, the brand’s name comes attached with an image, and it must be broadcasted to all viewers in a clear manner. “If you leave them feeling confused, you are not going to sell them anything.”, he adds. Having a coherent message across all company pages and social media establishes trust and improves sales.

2. Be the best solution to a common problem

Contreras believes that digital marketing is all about positioning. If the product solves a common problem, the only hurdle that remains is to position it as the best possible solution. He explains, “Convince your audience that they cannot find a better way of improving the quality of their lives.”

3.  Be pleasant, and persistent

A company’s most loyal customers are almost always sold because they were treated well, and treated well consistently. Make it a point to never be rude to a prospective customer, and keep offering them the chance to buy from you. Once they do, it’s a lot easier to keep them happy. “In the world’s largest marketplace, it is an art to be able to stand out of the crowd and establish your brand for long-term success.”, he concludes.