5 Tips For Finding Work After COVID

If you’ve been looking for work since the pandemic hit, you are not alone. Job-hunting has never been a favorite activity, and since COVID, the entire world is shifting. That means how you can search for work and find it is also in transition. 

In many parts of the United States, people are developing new ways to seek and find work. Here are 5 tips to help you stay calm, stay focused, and get the work that you’ve been dreaming about.

Each of these tips is not entirely dependent on the type of work you’re looking for. In fact, the tips may help you achieve a greater sense of balance. 

Reach Out To Your Network

Stay closely plugged into your network of people. This includes professionals, former colleagues, bosses, and associates. You never know who might hear of an upcoming opening, expansion, or possibility.

By reaching out to your network, your contacts know that you’re available and ready to work. Consider how you can reach out and give your contacts something that they would value. Perhaps you have unique expertise or skill that they would benefit from learning. Many job seekers find that standing out in the crowd could take different forms. 

Perhaps you’ve got a checklist, e-book, or infographic that could help your contacts do more with less. If you’re thinking about ways to stand out from the crowd, personalized materials will help you achieve your aims.

Expand Your Zone

If you’re looking at job-hunting in the same way you did a year ago, consider updating your approach. Expand your thinking to include different industries. Explore ways to share your expertise outside of a traditional position. Perhaps you can build a business based on your expert area with consulting, coaching, or freelancing.

In addition, explore ways to bridge a gap in skills. You may want to look into new courses, online training, or school programs to update your skills. 

By expanding the zone of your job search, you can stay ahead of the competition.

Take Care of Your Tools

When it comes to job-hunting, you need to take care of the tools of your trade. You don’t want to be like the person who can’t get to an interview because they ran out of gas. 

Your car helps you get to interviews, explore options, and keep your life running smoothly. Driving a well-cared-for and tuned vehicle can streamline your job hunting. For example, Ford Focus ST mods help you get the power, energy, and access you need. Taking care of your tools can mean putting some upgrades on your vehicle. These upgrades could help you achieve a greater sense of confidence and security. Plus, you may see the long-term savings on gas, repairs, and maintenance. 

By taking time to make modifications and upgrades to your car, you’ll be truly ready for finding work.

Your computer, laptop, and phone are equally critical. If there’s anything that will help you, it’s having functioning technology. As you are thinking of this, be sure that your home tools such as WIFI are up to date. 

Build On Your Expertise

Many people find that they have skills and expertise from previous experiences. You may have written a lot of proposals in your previous job. However, these writing skills were bundled under the title of ‘marketing’ or ‘sales.’ 

As you do a thorough inventory of your skills from former positions, you may find a whole new treasury of options. For many people, this brings is a tremendous boost in confidence. By valuing your expertise, you can unbundle your skills and repackage them in new ways.

David, a former bank executive, realized that he had a passion for helping the elderly. After leaving his position, he’s been able to work offering legal assistance to prevent elder abuse.

Susan, a former government supervisor, shifted her attention from program development to presentation coaching. She’d done this work as part of her job, under the category of ‘professional development.’ With a little adjusting, she’s found new ways to leverage her skills and help people deliver professional presentations.

Staying In a Calm State Of Mind

Whether you are seeking a traditional position or creating a new role, job hunting can often be stressful. 

Staying calm is even more critical during COVID and the personal transition. Taking care includes healthy eating, moderate exercise, getting quality sleep, and finding ways to rejuvenate.