5 Ways Marketing Automation Can Prepare Your Business for 2021

For most people, the way towards post-pandemic growth is automation. In fact, the marketing automation solutions (MAS) market is expected to double what it had been projected to perform in 2019 — potentially “reaching a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.7%”, according to a report from Frost & Sullivan.

If you’re still not sure how marketing automation can help you prepare your business for 2021 and beyond, continue reading down below for the top 5 ways it can benefit your business:

1. Work More Efficiently!

Let’s start with the obvious! Automation enables you to operate repetitive tasks automatically. Because of this, most businesses these days already use some form of automation in their marketing processes. For example…

If you run an online retail shop, marketing automation is what enables you to send emails to your customers confirming receipt of their orders or reminding them of their abandoned carts. If you have a brand website where you market your products or services, it’s also marketing automation that allows you to capture leads and nurture them through various channels.

Marketing automation is everywhere nowadays. And with it, you can streamline your tasks and your workflows to 100% efficiency without having to always be directly involved — allowing you to focus on more important tasks that need your attention.

2. Nurture Leads Effectively!

One of the main selling points of marketing automation service providers like Maropost is the promise of improved customer engagement. Maropost, in particular, is well-known for its uniquely unified cross-channel customer engagement tools that allow their clients to nurture their customer relationships more simply and more effectively.

As is stated here in this interview from the CEO of Maropost himself, Ross Andrew Paquette, who describes Maropost’s advanced customer journey builder as follows: “We bring all the communication aspects. Things like purchase information, all the service and support, etc. and put it all together to give our clients a simple and incredibly accurate look at their customers.”

With that kind of winning workhorse backing you, you will rarely ever have to worry about how to engage with your customers again.

3. Personalize Your Customer Engagement!

Continuing from our previous point. Not only is it easier to nurture your customer relationships with marketing automation, but you can also improve your customer service by leveraging data to personalize the customer experience that you are providing.

As an added bonus of this effect, a lot of the marketing tools and services out there now offer advanced targeting functionalities that will allow you to reach your highest-performing audience with ease, be it by their location, gender, age, preferences, etc.

And so, with marketing automation, you can both target the exact kind of customers you want and keep them around with personalized customer experience that have them coming back for more every time!

4. Save Money & Earn More Money

By automating certain tasks, you can cut back on money spent on labor costs! And, even more importantly, with the proper management of such tasks happening behind-the-scenes at 100% efficiency, you can ensure that you are getting the best ROI on your marketing campaigns – so you’re earning more money too.

5. Grow More Quickly

All of the aforementioned reasons really result in one all-encompassing benefit, and that’s the ability to grow your business! With marketing automation allowing you to work more efficiently, saving you money, and earning you more revenue, you can more easily scale up your marketing efforts to grow and grow and grow.

The Bottom Line: Marketing Automation for 2021

If you want to get ahead, you should start incorporating more marketing automation into your processes (if you haven’t already). There are plenty of available solutions out there for all types of businesses. Just figure out what you think you’re going to need first, and don’t be afraid to approach a service provider for more information. They’ll be more than happy to help you figure things out!