6 Ice’s Jordan Duran is Gaining Recognition Around The World For His Jewelry Business

The world needs innovators who redefine age old concepts and bring forth amazing ideas to society. There are innovators working around the world like Jordan Duran, CEO of hip-hop jewelry brand 6 Ice. His brand is making unique and amazing jewelry for men and revolutionizing men’s jewelry altogether.

Duran’s Passion For Jewelry Designing

Duran is using today’s technology to add glitter in men’s life. With trending collections and attractive pieces designed specifically for men, Duran is bringing the most premium and high quality of gold plated jewelry for men. His passion for jewelry designing made him choose

a career in this industry. Dedicatedly with discipline and consistency Duran is making jewelry for men, from elegant watches, gold chains, vermeil, earrings to iced-out bracelets all inspired from street culture. He is serving supreme quality gold to the customers at affordable rates.

6 Ice, the brand 

6 Ice is currently the most renowned jewelry brand across Toronto and Canada with designs being sold in more than 165 countries around the globe. The brand has found much love and appreciation from the customers worldwide due to its amazing quality and trendy designs available at reasonable prices.

They have the best customer support too. They offer the customers best after sales service and also product guarantee.

If there is any damage, breakage or other issue with the product their customer service is ready to assist the customers as soon as possible. They also offer customized jewelry options.

You can check their website as well as Instagram to check out their latest products and offers.