A Game Anyone Can Play At the World Cup 2022 This Year

Win Big With the Official 100 Seconds FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 TM Mobile Trivia Game Powered by Numbase 

For all the sports fans, the World Cup 2022 event has finally begun! While you might not be able to play football with the stars, you can still win big with the official FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 TM mobile trivia game with awesome rewards. 100 Seconds FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 TM is a brand-new mobile gaming platform developed by the team at Numbase LLC for everyone to enjoy throughout the World Cup 2022 hosted in Qatar and beyond. 

Getting the game platform designed, developed, finalized, and licensed in time for the kick-off of the World Cup was no small feat. “This was a dream come true for everyone on the team,” says Numbase‘s founder and CEO, Ayman Z. Jomaa. “It was a huge accomplishment for everyone who worked on it.” FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 officially licensed 100 Seconds just two weeks before the event’s official start and was launched on the day of the opening ceremonies. 

For any game developer or tech company, it is a considerable accomplishment to collaborate with a tournament or event at this level. The game is currently being advertised locally in Qatar at all major World Cup venues and events, as well as by SMS and on Qatar Airways flights.

100 Seconds is a skill-based game that tests your knowledge of trivia and fun facts. Get all ten questions correctly, and you win $100 instantly. You can also collect points to enter a weekly draw for $5,000. 

Not only is 100 Seconds engaging, but you can also win big through learning and acquiring knowledge. While most questions focus on football and the FIFA brand, anyone can enjoy the game and try to win the weekly pot. The more you answer, the closer you get to winning the grand prize! 

According to Mr. Jomaa, there is potential for the game to manifest into something with even bigger stakes. “We have aspirations for this to continue for years beyond the World Cup,” says Jomaa. “Hopefully, we will see 100 Seconds used in a different capacity at the next World Cup. It could even be a platform to win tickets,” he says. 

Mr. Jomaa also hopes to see players enjoying the game outside the context of the World Cup, working on their trivia skills all year round. Fans of 100 Seconds can also look out for FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™, where Mr. Jomaa says they hope to continue offering valuable prizes. 

The team hopes to continue developing games for everyone to enjoy. Mr. Jomaa says, “when you have a big dream and a great team, it works. It’s all about the team, and you can make anything successful.” Thanks to the team at Numbase, everyone can play and win at the World Cup this year – even if it’s not on the football pitch. 

For more information about 100 Seconds FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, visit 100secondsxFifa.com. 

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