“A latent hobby with prospective can be transmuted into a passionate niche”-asserts Ahmed Alawadhi, the stellar rated real estate developer and sightseer!

“Everybody out there has a hobby, to passionately manifest the art of converting it into a vocation is the distinguishing line.”, proving this conviction incredibly true, Ahmed Alawadhi is a man well-versed with varying niches. Primarily a real-estate genius, a consultant, and an innovator, Alawadhi has amazed the sundry audience with his consummate mastery over the market. A revered jaunter, Ahmed’s travel stories can incite ecstatic feelings, and leave people craving for more.

Ahmed with a mountainous workload has always administered his overcrowded schedule with near perfection. An overseer for two over-the-top market firms – AM properties, and Silverline real state, absorbed in the regional proliferation of USA and Dubai specifically, Ahmed with 17+ years of exposure has developed a visual prowess to identify the camouflaged opportunities. Often conferring the credit to his leisure acts of traveling, he believes that traveling has made him engender newer dimensions in the market.

With a one-off mindset and comprehensive perspective, Ahmed has conquered multiple markets, benefiting both the vendors and the vendee, has launched an app, and has evolved into an influential persona in the community. Yet, this is not the sole reason for him to be the venerated being. An excursionist, Ahmed has exhibited his elegance in reflecting his artistic and recreational side, grasping the attention of many. Impelling a plethora of young travelers and reviewing the intact pristine places, Ahmed has explored sundry locations with spellbinding beauty. A top reviewer, among the 1%, Ahmed has a strong base of 150,000 people relying on his critical judgment and reviews. A skilled photographer, Alawadhi has acquired the know-how of captivating the beauty of places in the lens, creating intriguing time-lapse videos. The adept talent he possesses has caused many others to cling to the same pathway, becoming impelling for them.

“Residing in Dubai, one realizes the necessity of luxurious and affluent resources, and how they offer a competitive edge to travelers. Dubai proffers direct routes to all major places with soothing experience” Ahmed has commandeered many people to progress into beings of worth by enhancing their hobbies. Considering accountability for being the torch-bearer, Ahmed has also procured promising markets, similar to Minsk-Belarus, and other regional ones, making him bloom. His many trips, which initiated with business purposes have transfigured into his preferable spots. Tivat, in southwest Montenegro, and Cannes, Monaco, and Saint-Tropez, in the French Riviera, are some of his annual predilections

Ahmed being the president of two prominent firms is excellently depicting how one could be multi-skilled while being unsurpassable.