A lot of Businesses are Switching to Cloud Technology for Innovation but Paying Less Attention to Security

In a global survey, it is noted that a lot of businesses are now making use of cloud technology in order to introduce innovation in their operations. But it is noted that they are not paying much attention to the security of their systems. Due to this, a gap in the automation and security has widened a lot.

The available data on this subject has highlighted that about 85% of enterprises are adopting cloud technology for innovation but only 40% of them are taking necessary measures to increase its security. Many technology experts have expressed the need to opt for services concerning enterprise cloud security

In addition to this, they have said that automation technology can play a crucial role in increasing the overall security of an organization but it is not being used by various enterprises in running their business operations.

Due to the rising awareness about the benefits of cloud technology, it has become common to observe the use of cloud services in many businesses. But the rising cyber crimes have led to increased concerns about security issues in the business world.

Especially, for small businesses, cloud services offer a cheap and secure means to operate various business operations in today’s competitive market. Moreover, it has increased flexibility and reduced the cost of IT infrastructure to a great extent.

Due to the scalability feature, it is now possible for every business to increase the capacity of cloud services as per its requirements. In addition to this, it has contributed to improving the dependencies of various businesses on cloud computing.