A Man That Lives for the World, Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân

Generosity, kindness, compassion, and love for others; are traits that are slowly dying among people. In this fast-paced world where everything changes within a matter of a few hours, people are forced to think for themselves first. This is one of the major reasons why the basic feelings of love and care for others are vanishing. Today, the only being they care about is themselves. If things continue to be as they are, the future can turn out to be dark and harsh. Fortunately, not everybody thinks the same way. The ones who think for the betterment of the community are still present, and one of these individuals is Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân.

Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân is an ethnic Vietnamese, a U.S. citizen, and symbolically a citizen of the free World. He was voted and elected by the three generations, including Seniors, Middle-Aged, and Youths to undertake as the Prime Minister of The Provisional National Government of Vietnam on February 16, 1991. His purpose to step into Vietnamese politics was to liberate his country from the confines of communism. He is one of those individuals who have faced the adversities of life but still stands strong.  Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân’s passion for serving his people and being closely-knit to Vietnam can be seen in all his efforts. As a patriot and a people person, he loves his compatriots endlessly, and he wishes for his country to soar high between the clouds of success.

Fueled by patriotism and emotional connection with his roots from an early age, Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân joined the Vietnamese military. He served the community for a short while until Southern Vietnam was forcefully occupied by the communist group. Imperial Duke Đào and other militants were arrested and stayed in the communist prison camps for more than three years. Many of his colleagues and close friends died, but he managed to flee from the camp and shifted to the States with his family. Since then, he has been deeply attached to the Vietnamese military and those who spent and gave up their lives serving the country.

A True Patriot at Heart

Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân always felt indebted to the Government and people of the United States and the Allies. He was grateful especially to the U.S. for helping Vietnam throughout the history of its resistant war and for their sacrifice in Vietnam. He is also grateful for them having carried Vietnamese refugees in their own countries from the evacuation of the RVN on April 30, 1975, to the present day. 

The United States and the allies gave uncountable sacrifices for Vietnam for eight years. From 1965 to 1973, the U.S. military protected South Vietnam from the invasion of the North Vietnamese Communists. To pay a tribute and thank them for the services, Imperial Duke President Đào and his comrades with their own hands and sincere hearts completed a memorial construction for “HEXAGON MONUMENT” at their compound headquarters (Tụ Nghĩa Đường).

The Hexagon Monument -The Memorial Works of 58,721 American Soldiers, including his comrades who sacrificed their lives for Vietnam has recently been completed.

The monument consists of 6 tall and wide black walls; each wall has two sides. It is supported by two pillars of marble, forming a hexagon, with a total of 12 wall sides engraved with the names of 58,721 American Comrades-in-Arms. It is built on a green cement base with a white hexagonal star at the center. It also has lighting capable of emitting a glow of 5 to 10 km, enough for people from a distance or from an aircraft flying around the area to notice.

This tributary monument was built on behalf of the Vietnamese compatriots by Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân, who was a former Lieutenant Commander of the Black Tiger Special Forces. Together with government officials, who are Vietnamese patriots all over the World, they have used their strength, combined with love and gratitude, to build this construction. They overcame all difficulties and obstacles of the desert sun and wind and completed work to express their gratitude and honor to the American patriots.

By building this monument, Imperial Duke Đào Minh Quân, Third President of the Republic of Vietnam and His comrades have expressed the enduring friendship between the U.S. and Vietnam. This would also be a great reunion place for Vietnamese and American patriots, veterans, compatriots of the allies. To visit the Hexagon to experience and touch each stone carved in the names of heroes would truly be an emotional experience. They would also offer gratitude and respect to the heroic 58,721 US comrades-in-arms who laid down their lives for peace, independence, and freedom of Vietnam.

Imperial Duke President Đào Minh Quân’s love and empathy for people show a lot about his personality, determination and intentions. Although he has been portrayed negatively in the media, his silent actions speak louder than words. He is truly an inspirational personality.