A man who sold his Ford Mustang nearly two decades ago to pay for Wife’s Cancer Treatment gets it back

Wesley Ryan was very overwhelmed when he received the keys of his old 1993 Ford Mustang GT. Wesley. He had sold the car some 17 years back to derive money for his wife Laura’s ovarian cancer treatment. Fortunately his wife survived and the family did come out from tough times with a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

Wesley has two kids. His son Jake is working as a police officer. One day Jake saw the car listed for sale. The car was in a rough shape but it took him down to the old memory lane. He decided to get the car back and consulted his sister Jeni and her boyfriend. They all chipped in to buy their old car and gifted it to their father as a surprise. This precious moment was filmed by them which they later posted it on Facebook.

When Express-News got in touch with Wesley, he expressed that what his children did for him only shows that they are balanced human beings. I and my wife have succeeded in raising productive adults. This is the most powerful and a strong feeling that any proud parent can have.

This video went viral and made national news. It did catch the attention of Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. Bill was very much moved by what he saw and decided to help the Ryans fix the car up said a spokesman from Ford.

Ford took help of Hennessey Performance owner – John Hennessey who willingly took the job. This winter the car was brought back to his shop in Sealy at Texas. A lot more than mere tuning up was done to it may be it was the need of the hour.

According to John the previous owner probably had tried to turn it into a racecar. There were some modifications done which did include removal of the air conditioning and radio. The body was repaired and repainted like a sports car.

His team then made a long list of mechanical updates and repaired the car to make it a model which can run steadily on the current roads. Soon the keys were handed to Wesley by Henry Ford III Hoping that Wesley may never have to give them up again.