A New World Vision for ‘Optimizing America’

‘America is Great,’ a phrase widely used and heard by people throughout the world. But is it really great? Over the years, America has seen a drastic change in its economy. It has transitioned from being a nation that served its citizens well to a nation that is now ignorant to its people’s growing financial problems. The truth is; America’s challenges have never been greater. The problems that existed earlier persist even today and have only increased, multiplied, and festered with time.

The economy drives all day-to-day activities. It is money exchanging hands from buyers and sellers.  These economic decisions directly impact a society’s direction and reality. Due to this, the economists strive to keep the economy growing and above all else, work to prevent recessions. The growth of economic activities is seen as a success but a closer look shows poverty persisting with problems continuously rising. 

Everything is subject to change when people are not served well by the economy.  Many American and international economists have been working and researching ways that improve America’s and the world’s economy. But unfortunately, nothing ever changes or improves, especially for the poor and lower classes. The book ‘Optimizing America,’ written by inventor, entrepreneur and ForbesBooks featured author, Jarl Jensen, has broken the spell and lifted the wool that has been pulled over the eyes of the people.

Optimizing America is written with a very different approach and thought process. As an inventor and thought leader, Jarl Jensen views the economy of this country from a different perspective. According to him, the reason why economists are unable to find ways to fix the economy is that “the experts of the world lack solutions to the challenges faced by the people and the best solutions are sure to come from one who can think out-of-the-box.” The problem is that economists are blaming the people for all their problems. They point out factors like lack of education and bad spending habits of citizens as the root cause of their deteriorating economic situation.  Jensen asserts that the blame of demographic wide problems can’t be put on individuals only.

Jarl Jensen is an engineer and an inventor with many patents and is the former CEO of the company ‘Euromed.’ While working for the company for 20 years, he gained insight into business operations and its association with the economy. Jarl realized that there was something fundamentally wrong with the social science of economics and the financial system.

Since Jarl was an outsider to the world of economics, he held an unbiased and independent opinion about the economy. To him, it lacked optimization and the ability to evolve to fit the needs of people. Jarl Jensen coming from an engineering background, and having an inventor’s mindset, says, “Imagine if you were Henry Ford building your car in your garage. And you never applied engineering optimization techniques to your engine. Then that car or that model would still be in the barn because you did not try to make things better. We run our economy like it cannot be optimized, or can be designed better, and it is just not true.”

Jensen’s book, “Optimizing America,” provides a new and fresh angle to observe the economy of America. It is nothing like the traditional economic books; instead, it follows a captivating storyline, involves drama, and many characters. These factors make this book different from the other books because it appeals to everyone. 

Optimizing America is a gripping fictional narrative that explains a critical flaw that Jarl Jensen sees in the financial system which is that it is run by banks. The book was released in 2017 and has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. Optimizing America is one of three in “The Wolfe Trilogy” book series, which revolves around the main character ‘Justin Wolfe’.  He knows that the system is rigged, and he will have to pay a huge price for opposing the status quo. The first book, Optimizing America, talks about Wolfe’s initial journey and his problems while running for president. He understands that the economy of his nation requires optimization in order to evolve and become sustainable.

The book has helped transform people’s minds and also sowed a seed of change.  In response to the growing number of downloads and positive feedback, the author has turned the book’s website into a political change movement. Its motto states that ‘People Should Come First, Not Banks.‘ Even though the motto is simple, intuitive, and self-evident, banks still come first in this world, and ‘Optimizing America’ has the recipe to fix it. 

The second book of this series, ‘Showdown in the Economy of Good and Evil,’ is the prequal to ‘Optimizing America’.  It is set on a farm where Justin and his team set up a new economic system.  Packed with eye-opening secrets and key concepts, the book allows the reader to explore different solutions to work out the economic problems at their own pace.

A graduate of the Boston University, Jensen, in his third book in ‘The Wolfe Trilogy’ series is, ‘The Big Solution,’ which covers the complete sweep of America’s economic system and its history. It is a thought-provoking and entertaining book that convinces the reader to think about economics in a refreshing new way.  It is here that Jensen uses terms like ‘Bankism’, ‘Essential Liberty’, and ‘Societies Fulcrum’ for the first time. 

Jarl Jensen, CEO of Inventagon, aims to stir a change in the people’s attitude towards the economy. With his books, he identifies the roots of society’s problems and offers solutions to fix them.