A review of Pinngle Safe Messenger – The most secure Messaging App

Pinngle Safe Messenger is a secure messaging app that supports free messaging and high-quality voice and video calls in every corner of the world. If you’re looking for a reliable messaging app that literally works everywhere with high-quality voice and video calls, Pinngle Safe Messenger is there to the rescue.

Here’s why you should download and start using Pinngle Safe Messenger

End-to-end encryption and serverless architecture

When we’re on our phones, we tend to spend most of our time on messaging apps and of course, social media. But did you know that most popular messaging apps store and sell your data to third parties, governmental authorities and advertising companies? Good thing that Pinngle Safe Messenger doesn’t.This app is built with a serverless architecture which means your messages are being sent without having a server as a mediator. So, as a result, this technology makes it impossible to store users’ data. Besides that, all your messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted meaning your messages and encrypted on both ends. 

 Works in countries where voice and video calls are blocked

Did you know that popular calling apps that offer free voice and video calls are banned in more than 10 countries? Pinngle Safe Messenger, on the other hand, isn’t. Why? Because the app has an anti-blocking technology that enables people to talk freely without having the urge to use VPNs. So if you live in countries where voice and video calls are permanently blocked, you should definitely consider downloading Pinngle to make your life easier.

Affordable Virtual Numbers and International Calls

Businessmen/women and travelers can also benefit from Pinngle Safe Messenger and here’s how. If you own a business and would like to have several phone numbers from different countries, you could purchase Pinngle’s virtual numbers. If you’re a traveler and don’t want to pay for roaming charges, you can also purchase Pinngle virtual number to receive calls. Currently, Pinngle is offering virtual numbers for more than 35+ countries starting at 1.50$ only. Last but not least, if your contact is not on Pinngle, you can Pinngle out them or make international calls to a mobile phone as well as landline numbers at a low cost.

Works Well when you’re connected to Slow Internet connection

Unlike popular messaging apps, Pinngle works on any network generation. Whether you’re connected to poor WiFi, experiencing bad network connectivity, WiFi hotspot is overloaded, or even if you’re living in countries where only 2G is available… Pinngle will connect you either way. In other words, you’ll be able to send messages, call or video call anyone smoothly despite how bad your internet connection is.

Broadcast your content with Pinngle Public Channels

Here’s something not all messaging apps offer – Pinngle Public Channels! Pinngle offers a broadcasting tool to help content creators share their exclusive content to the world. Anyone can have their own public channel on Pinngle. Whether you’re a business owner, influencer, celebrity, or simply a person who is passionate about a certain topic, you can create your own Pinngle Public Channel and share any type of content ranging from links, photos, texts, videos, files, podcasts, and even playlists.

More of Pinngle’s features

  • Free stickers to spice up your conversation

  • Talk more with less MB bandwidth

  • Share your location whenever you want, wherever you go

  • Create group chats and add up to 50,000 users

  • Share unlimited photos, videos, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets in any format

  • Saves your battery up to 40%

  • High-quality voice and video calls

  • Built-in camera to quickly share photos and videos

  • Call-back feature that allows you to call to any phone or landline with almost no internet connection

  • Lite messaging app, meaning it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space on your phone

  • Low data usage for more efficient use

What Pinngle Safe Messenger Values

People Come First

People are our #1 priority. We aim to maximize human joy by delivering the highest standards of call quality, privacy, and (of course) fun.

A Borderless World is a Better World

The Pinngle community has no borders. We work to serve everyone, with any device, in any corner of the world.

Communication is Essential

Communication is a basic human need. We strive to make it simple and worry-free for everybody.

Be Fearless and Authentic

We’re enablers of fearless and authentic expression. Why? Because life is too short for reservations.

Do More with Less

We do the most we can with the least resources. It’s sustainable. It’s practical. It’s the way of the samurai.