About Enews 2.0

Thanks for visiting! We share a passion of chess and stock analysis, and this website will cover all the news we find interesting within these two areas. On here you will not just find a boring recap of the news of the day regarding some stock or chess game like 99% of news websites. Rather, we will go in-depth into analysis, and reach a certain conclusion which we aim to be of real value (keeping in mind that we are not registered financial advisers). We hope you find real value in our findings here, and encourage any discussion on our analysis on different stocks and chess games. We also want to keep this site free from annoying ads for as long as possible, and this website isn’t a commercial venture for now.

The focus of this website is QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – we may only publish news and analysis once every few days, and only when we feel it’s something very interesting.

Please visit our team page or contact us if you would like to reach out for any reason. You can also send us mail at this address:

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NB: enews20.com was previously a major news website covering a variety of topical issues before we purchased it from the previous owners. If you were a reader of the previous website, we apologize, but what you find here will have nothing in common with the previous site.