Abuka Onuegbu Jonathan, Popular as Bigg Joo, Explores New Dimensions in his Modeling Career

Abuka Onuegbu Jonathan, popular with his stage name Bigg Joo, is an Austria based male model who shows his unique fashion styles in the fashion world. Born in Nigeria, Bigg Joo has worked hard enthusiastically and patiently to explore new dimensions in his modeling career.

Bigg Joo was passionate about photography & posing since his childhood days and he developed a strong inclination towards modeling during his growing years. He is an attractive and body-confident personality who accepts every challenge in his modeling career with a smiling face.

Bigg Joo enjoys big popularity on social media platforms where his followers are increasing continuously with time. He is a real inspiration for youngsters who want to pursue their careers in the modeling world. The Austrian model has launched a new website where he accepts unique and new ideas as well as opportunities to make the best out of them.

It is his exceptionally classy style with a modern touch that makes him look well in every form. Bigg Joo has taken the level of men’s fashion to new heights with his unique fashion style and strong love for modeling. The Klagenfurt, Austria based model takes into account every subtle detail in his modeling and fashion career.

Bigg Joo keeps on exploring new dimensions in modeling and fashion styles to present some uniqueness with his work. He is a humble personality who considers the guidance of many fashion experts to work with them in a harmonious fashion.

Bigg Joo also offers guidance to young models about unique men’s fashion and modeling tactics. Anyone can contact him via his Instagram account and his official website.