Ace musician Giulzy Gonzalez gives tips on making it big in the industry.

He wants young musicians to understand the power of a positive mental attitude and the ability to think beyond the usual.


Though there are tons of guides, books, articles, etc., that can provide people with information and tips for helping them make it in the industry of their choice. The real advice always comes from people who are either established names or are riding high on success in those industries. Such professionals and their journey to the top always make sure to teach a lesson or two to the budding talents. Giulzy Gonzalez also known as Giuliano Gonzalez is a name that has been making a lot of buzz in the music world as a musician, and his journey has even inspired many others in the industry.


Today, he has come forward to lay out a few tips for others dreaming of making it big as a musician in the industry.

  • Believe in your visions:Giulzy Gonzalez says that the primary tip for budding musicians is to believe in their visions. What a musician aims to create, how he wants to reach it to the audience, the kind of vibe he wishes to create are a few things he must be well aware of. These visions lead musicians to an exponential rise in the industry.
  • Remove all the distractions: Distractions are not just limited to a physical environment, it could be mental as well, points out Giulzy Gonzalez. He says that sometimes people take a step back not because they lack the resources to create music but because they get affected by what others are doing in the industry. Eliminating such distractions are necessary for growth.
  • Think beyond the usual: As a rising musician, a person must never just blindly follow the trends. He must always try to think outside of the box, explore new aspects of music, learn new things and aim for creating uniqueness in music for standing apart.

Giulzy Gonzalez has always worked around his skills by following the points mentioned above and thus is gradually becoming a well-known musician in the industry.