Achieve Success Even in Challenging Times with Sammy Blindell

“After a long period of struggling without clarity and focus, the 7 Step Brand Kickstarter liberated my business to new heights.”– Wilma Van Dartel

It’s no secret that the world we currently live in has provided many business owners with more than their share of stress and concern about where their business is headed. And the world has become saturated with even more people who have started businesses, just to survive, in an already competitive marketplace. These new businesses are, in a way, causing all of the cautious buyers that now exist to be spread out among all of the businesses that they have to choose from. This ultimately forces all business owners to work harder, and longer, just to achieve the same results. Blindell is here to confidently say – “It does not have to be this way!”

Sammy Blindell is a brand visibility expert, author of international best-seller The Law of Brand Attraction, CEO of How to Build a Brand, Founder of One Drop Movement, Chief Visionary Officer of The Brand Builders Club and change-making extraordinaire whose passion is showing other entrepreneurs and business owners how to achieve in just a few months what takes most people a lifetime to achieve.

If you want your business to be a success and get it right the first time, then Sammy Blindell is the one you want leading the way. Having spent 13 years in branding and marketing before launching her first business in 2002, she built six more companies in the business growth sector. She launched an online resource, How to Build a Brand in 2014, taking it from £0 to £18,000 of monthly revenue in just 12 weeks with her first book and online program. In 2017, the Brand Builders Club was launched, which now has members across the globe and includes weekly online thinktank sessions that have quickly become every small business owner’s most reliable tool for success.  Additionally, Blindell has created 72 online products and 1,000+ online courses showing business owners, and entrepreneurs, worldwide how to achieve their desired results, in a shorter amount of time, by utilizing more effective strategies. Blindell is now a sought-after public speaker who travels the world lending her experience to thousands of small business owners with a goal of leading them to the same level of success that she has already achieved.

The objective of 7 Step Brand Kickstarter is to help overwhelmed, stressed business owners break through intimidating barriers and provide new tools and strategies for succeeding in today’s challenging market. This course was born in 2017 as a result of preparing for Blindell’s Brand Builders Club program. It took care of any limiting inconsistencies they had unknowingly created while perfecting their business model. Blindell later decided to turn those steps into an online course which is now available to non-members for the very first time!

For those entrepreneurs, and businesses, ready to take their business to new heights and differentiate themselves from other similar businesses, The 7 Step Brand Kickstarter is the most comprehensive system available. The program includes video instructions, audios, workbooks and transcripts designed to unlock the value and identity of your business.

The Blueprint will support all stages of small business owners and entrepreneurs and will enable them to:

  • Create a Crystal-Clear Brand Message  
    • Deliver in 10 seconds or less a message that is simple to remember, consistent to communicate, repeatable to reinforce and memorable to millions
  • Create an Attractive Brand Promise
    • Attract only clients who genuinely value you, pay what you are worth and help to grow your business.
  • Create a Profile Boosting Positioning Statement
    • One that is magnetic, and impactful, across all media, stage and publicity opportunities.
  • Create Profitable Partnerships with Other Influencers
    • With those who you want to share your story, and message, within their own networks.
  • Create a Compelling Customer Journey
    • This dramatically increases the value of your products and services, adding up-sales,
      down-sales and cross-sales to develop other profitable streams of income.
  • Create a Clear 30 Second Mission Statement
    • One that easily communicates exactly what you do, who you do it for and how you do it,
      so you never overwhelm your prospects or give too much away again.
  • Create a Magnetic 60 Second Pitch
    • One that gives you a unique competitive edge and dramatically reduces any barriers that are currently limiting your sales potential.

One very notable, and unique, aspect of the 7 Step Brand Kickstarter is that they work with you each step of the way. Understanding the mind-blowing impact of the strategies that this course contains has made Blindell especially eager to share her insights with others. To fully appreciate the importance of each step, and focus on implementation within their business, is what will lead businesses to their success. It may sound overwhelming at first but The 7 Step Brand Kickstarter course is meant to lead businesses through each step to where it becomes second nature.

Here’s what several clients of Sammy Blindell have to say:

“This easy to follow process is the single best thing I have done to kick start both of my businesses and I’ve been in business for over 15 years!” – Jennifer Louise

“The 7 step Kick Starter is genius. It gave me the crystal-clear clarity I needed to finally understand where my business was heading.” – Amanda Frolich

If you are looking for clarity in your business and exponential growth, don’t wait to get started. Build the business you have always wanted to build and start on that mission today!

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