Ageras Helps Small Businesses Succeed in Times of Need

When 2020 began, small businesses were extremely hopeful about the journey they would embark on. Social media had become a huge platform for them to share their products and services. Many users took it upon themselves to help these businesses grow by sharing posts, reviews, and even hashtags on their Twitter accounts. It seemed like it was the perfect year to have your business succeed.

However, as the year went by, many businesses had to close their doors and do everything entirely online. Most of them were struggling with their finances. According to a survey done during the first month of quarantine by The Motley Fool, 67% of small business owners do not know how to access or apply for emergency funding. For that reason, they began looking for good, trustworthy accountants who could help them navigate these uncharted waters. That is when Ageras became the perfect guide for them.

“Tinder” for Accountants and Businesses

Nowadays, there is an app for absolutely everything. Any service or product you need can be found with a simple online search. In these times of need, what could be more perfect than a platform similar to Tinder but to connect small businesses with the perfect accountant match? That is how Ageras functions!

The brains behind Ageras decided to create an international matchmaking service for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services. In 2012, Rico Andersen founded the company in Denmark. A year later, it expanded to Sweden to continue reaching different countries: Norway, Netherlands, Germany, and the United States. Their main goal from the very beginning has been to “revolutionize the financial industry, becoming the leading accounting service worldwide” to increase transparency and make it easy for businesses to find the right accountant.

How do They Help Small Businesses?

Finding the right accountant can be an arduous and tiresome process. Ageras makes it accessible, easier, and user-friendly in three simple steps.

  1. Small businesses fill out a form in two minutes to share who they are, what their business does, and what kind of help they are looking for.
  2. Ageras will share three personalized quotes from accountants that best fit that particular business.
  3. Before matching with the accountant, business owners can see a detailed description of the accountant, read reviews, and learn more about them for free in a non-binding manner.

How can brands trust these accountants are the best of the best? This is because the Ageras team believes “accounting is vital for the growth stages of your small business or start-up. From business formation and loan applications to taxes and audits. The right professional will help get you on the path to success, giving you confidence as you concentrate on the rest of your business.” They want each business to succeed, so they will bring them closer to the experts they need.

A Team That Delivers

From their foundation, Ageras has been working hard to connect small businesses with top-tier accountants. In the last eight years, they have helped over 200,000 users find the help they needed, while working with more than 5000 experts in accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes. This team that continues to grow (85 employees currently) is hardworking, dedicated, and passionate about what they do. Their main goal is to help businesses and accountants succeed. Their quotes are reasonable. Their experts and experienced. Their service is for free. Ageras is high-quality Tinder for businesses!