AI Start-Up and Toyota Partners to Develop Service Robots

Recently Toyota joined hands with Preferred Networks to design and develop service robots for help at home. This partnership was announced on Aug 7, 2019. The companies aim to hasten the augmentation of service robots by sharing their respective intellectual property.

Human Support Robot (HSR) robotics platform of Toyota will be used for the project. The podium is a basic robot premeditated to function alongside people in everyday settings and help them ease their work. The project is targeted towards Japanese population in age group of 65 and above.

Toyota is involved with service robots from last 15 years. They have numerous projects in process. Last year Preferred Networks used Toyota’s HSR platform for an exhibition in Tokyo. The robot was used as a platform for their advanced AI software where he not only tidied a messy room but also managed to segregate the trash and dirty towels.

In this joint effort the two companies aim to introduce intelligent robots. The role of these robots will be to integrate into the life of an individual and function autonomously around their home. Their job involves taking basic care as well as assisting them in nursing and long-term applications.

This service robot will have one arm, a sensor-filled head and wheels to move around. He is expected to collect and retrieve items, provide remote control and will also be able to communicate.

This integration of robots at home is not a new concept in Japan. Several companies have washed their hands to develop robotic devices that provide assistance to elderly citizens or disabled person at home.