Alex Ketchum Explains How to Grow as a YouTuber and Go Viral on Social Media

Social media websites such as Youtube and Instagram have become a platform where virtually anyone can become famous. These platforms have created the opportunity for people around the globe to create and share whatever kind of content they like, and gain the ability to reach audiences of millions of people. However this opportunity has resulted in an endless stream of content across all social media platforms. So how does a person hoping to make a name for themselves on these platforms stand out from the crowd? Canadian Youtuber Alex Ketchum seems to have cracked the code, and is quickly gaining popularity with his unique brand of comedy.

Becoming a social media star has become a career goal for many youths today. Although it may seem easy, it takes more than just holding a camera to make it big on a highly competitive platform like Youtube. According to Alex Ketchum, it takes a lot of perseverance, dedication, and creativity to gain attention and build an audience. In recent years, audiences on Youtube have come to expect a certain level of quality from their favourite creators, in terms of video production, editing, and of course the content of the video itself. Aspiring creators must be able to produce the same level of high quality content to be on par with big name Youtube celebrities like Pewdiepie or David Dobrik.

With his creative mindset, and background in Film Production with a BFA from York University, Alex Ketchum has been able to consistently produce exceptional and engaging videos. Despite only having his channel for a short time, Ketchum’s videos have already amassed millions of views across all social media platforms, and have even been shared by popular pages such as LADbible and VT. One quality that sets Alex Ketchum apart from the rest is his willingness to go the extra mile to make his videos unique and unexpected. His lack of fear to take his videos to the next level is admirable. He would go as far as driving 1,467 KM for 14 hours to release a grocery store lobster back to its natural habitat in his video, I Bought a Pet Lobster and Released Him Back to the Ocean. Ketchum also smashed a hole in his wall to see if he could repair it using ramen noodles and super glue in his video, Fixing My Wall With Ramen Noodles.

According to Alex Ketchum, the key to gaining attention on Youtube is to be fully dedicated to the videos you create. Ketchum believes that in order to create engaging videos, you can never be lazy, and you need to keep the quality of your videos high in order to establish yourself as a serious Youtuber. Ketchum admits that it can be difficult to gain support in the beginning, since many choose to follow the crowd and only support those who already have a high subscriber count. This can be a difficult hurdle to overcome. However if you persevere, remain consistent in posting high quality content, and truly enjoy the content you make, then success is sure to follow. This much is certainly true for Alex Ketchum, who continues to work hard to produce exciting videos that keep his audience coming back for more.