An Authentic Musical Connection to God

In this fast-paced world and life, people need to connect with something real. During these tumultuous times, people need hope and an anchor.  Some believe that this anchor, this source of true peace comes from developing a relationship with God.  This relationship is one of a kind and cannot be achieved by any other being. A personal relationship with God provides direction, hope, and joy to people’s lives. Yet even with God, struggles and challenges come, people need answers on how to connect with God in real ways. Bridging the gap and bringing people answers on how to have a more authentic connection to God, is John Houston Smith. He is an established singer, and his music is a testament to his relationship with what he calls the “Author and Finisher of his faith”. His songs are transparent, moving and meaningful, each one has a unique purpose. John’s music can be defined as gospel with an R&B feel. Every song is composed differently, making his tracks adaptable for various audiences to connect them with their individual journeys.

John Houston, a dedicated Christian, wanted to share his remarkable path of growing up in church, being the essence of a “tough guy”, yet still being a man of faith and integrity. He wanted audiences to connect to God in their own way, providing music that speaks to anyone who appreciates smooth, mellow and rich vibes, along with purposeful and moving lyrics.

John also wrote this work of art purely because of his love for music. John has had a passion for music since the tender age of five. Being from a bloodline of pastors and musicians, he was introduced to leading worship, recognizing a good melody, and writing, all elements of his musical DNA. John provides not only music people can vibe to on the album, John3:16, but he also provides a worship opportunity, and a personal story.

Musical Transparency: This is who I am

Born on May 26, 1988, and brought up in Detroit, Michigan, John Houston grew up in a household where faith was the foundation of life. For him, the path of righteousness was exemplified through his parents and his family.  As a youth, John had challenges and made mistakes like any adolescent, yet he knew that his anchor was in God at all times. John chose music as a medium to enjoy special moments, to connect with others, and to communicate feelings. He began creating music during his school years at Detroit Mumford High School. Singing at church, creating music with friends, and enjoying various types of music became an important part of who John was.

John is a creator and a visionary, this has been a thread that weaves through his life story. The highlight of his musical journey is seeing people inspired by his music, and singing it. Having people come up to him and share how his lyrics have impacted them is truly moving for him. John says, “The music is symbolic of the spiritual transitions I had to grow through, to become the man that I am today.

Apart from music, John has made ministry, hard work, dedication and tenacity his life’s mission. For ten years, he has been a worship leader at New Life Family Church in Detroit, Michigan. He recently released his freshman album, John 3:16.  It was released on March 16, 2021, and it was co-written by him in a short three months. John’s life experiences and journey inspire the album. It features Stellar Award winner, Pastor Mike Jr. The reason the project has so much richness and distinct versatility is because John’s musical inspirations are Jay Z, Rick Ross, Kanye West, James Fauntleroy, and Kim Burrell.  John listens to a variety of artists, and he shares that his father and brother are his first, and most substantial inspirations.

John’s stunning vocal dynamics and smooth clear tone featured him on BET’s Sunday Best. On track to be a breakthrough gospel sensation, John has been sharing his gift across the country and investing in his community in Detroit. Expanding his love for music, John has founded the Visionary Music Group. It is a budding music label that he released his album under. This music label is only the start of a mission to highlight the amazing music and talent the city of Detroit has to offer.

In addition to being a full-time musician and a songwriter, John owns a full-service fitness center, Grindtime, the fastest-growing independent gym in Detroit. He founded Grindtime, also known as Resultsville, in 2014, and it has become a community health pillar in the Detroit area. Most importantly, John is a dedicated father of one son and plans to make his mark and leave a legacy through both his entrepreneurial endeavors and music.