An Entrepreneur’s Success Story Featuring Isabella Sanchez

Her Recipe For Success

In 2016, Isabella Sanchez was, by all the looks of it, a wildly successful YouTube personality. She was a certified business coach, she was experienced, she was reputable, she was charming, and she had a YouTube Channel with more than 30,000 subscribers. It was clear that people were grabbing on to the value that she was providing, and that she had a knack for generating engagement. But at the end of the day, she was broke. Her bank account was almost always close to negative, and she just wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

Isabella’s story is not exactly entirely unique – at least in terms of the circumstances. There are hundreds of certified coaches who have been told that building a business online revolves around the number of followers, subscribers, or viewers that you have. However, that just isn’t the case – and Isabella is living proof.

“When I was first starting out, I was able to grow my following quite quickly on YouTube. Before I knew it, I had more than 30,000 subscribers. I was winning awards. I was being flown out to New York City for big YouTube-sponsored events. I was even taking pictures with celebrities. But there was one big problem that was leaving me feeling unfulfilled – I really wasn’t making any money.”

Where Do Things Go Wrong? 

For so many coaches, struggles often originate with sales. It’s easy to engage with followers in a world that is constantly revolving around social media. Instant connection, ease of use, and just a few moments of scrolling can lead to engagement, but it doesn’t exactly lead to sales.

“I knew I needed a change and sometimes, even coaches need coaches. I decided to enlist the support of another business coach to see if I could get my career back on track. I knew that I had real value to offer, and I was as passionate as ever before to stay true to my mission. I really wanted to empower women to achieve their life’s dreams – but first, I needed to do the same for myself.”

Hitting The Restart Button

So, what did she do? She hit the reset button. 

“I realized that it was okay for me to hit pause, slam on the breaks, and take a moment to reflect. I made the choice to reset my career in order to jumpstart it. And that was the best decision that I ever made.”

Isabella made the conscious choice to leave her YouTube career behind and instead of focusing on her internet personality, she focused on her business identity. She wanted to continue to provide value like always, but in a way that felt less superficial.

She launched an Instagram profile and built her following to about 2,500 followers. From there, she shifted her emphasis from follower growth, to follower engagement. In no time at all, she began earning real revenue. She focused on high ticket sales and offerings that cost a bit more, but would offer her clients the biggest value for their buck. She built her Instagram profile into a booming, $500,000 business – and it all came down to the simple choice to get an outsider’s point of view.

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