An interview with Dr. Gabe: How To Work With Celebrities

Dr. Gabe Rosenthal is pretty much THE dentist Hollywood stars flock to for their oral health and stunning smiles. He has worked on social media royalty, movie stars, Super Bowl Champs, and many of your favorite music stars. Here is some advice and things hes learned over the years.

To start, how did all of these stars find you?

GR: Weve been around for almost a decade. When I first started, I had to go above and beyond to make a name for myself in a city with 100,000 dentists. I started my own practice with 3-D printers, weekend and nighttime hours, and really incredible customer service including house calls and just texting patients to see how theyre doing. The response was phenomenal, and we just grew organically from there.

Weve seen your work on Instagram and Facebook, and weve also seen your celebrity selfies and video collaborations. How do those come about?

What you see online is only a small fraction of the patients we see. These photos and makeover pictures get posted with a patients permission. If a patient loves their smile and is happy to share it, theyll approve the post or story and then we post it. Sometimes, the celebrity will get a discount, but often theyll post because theyre just so happy!

Are these celebrities and influencers paid for their time?

My biggest advice on collabs: if a medical professional is paying you to come in, run the other way! No respected doctor should have to pay for a customer to come in. Usually its a sign of a doctor begging for popularity. Often theres a reason that practice is so quiet. Sorry.

How do these stars reach you? Any advice on booking them?

Some stars call the office directly, others have an assistant or a manager who arranges it. Younger stars usually have a parent act as their assistant and manager. Theyre usually the easiest to reach. Youll start to learn what works in terms of booking and follow ups. Often times, Ill call or message the star directly because their schedules can be so busy and they can forget!

Do you ever get nervous working on a mega stars smile?

The first hello or handshake might be a little nerve wracking. After that, its all gravy! Once Im in their mouth, I get in the zone and focus. Teeth are teeth, no matter how famous someone is.

Any advice on how someone can build up a star clientele like yours?

Be nice to everyone and go above and beyond! Many of my patients are everyday people like me. I treat them well, and I make them look good and feel good. If theyre happy, theyll tell the world. So many times a typical patient will end up bringing in a friend or a relative who is famous and they just want to be happy too! Every patient should be treated like the gem they are. If theirs trusting me, they are a treasure and Ill make them so happy they decided to come to me!

Final thoughts?

Present the best you and the rest will figure itself out. Whatever your business, anything you post or share with the public should be your absolute best effort. People will judge you, and if you put out things that look great, the stars will be attracted. Amazing quality work is like a magnet. And a happy patient is even more magnetic to bring customers to you! One celebrity who comes in and happy will lead to more coming in. Just do your best, be consistent, and good luck!