An Interview with Football Star Dane Domic

With so many new faces debuting on the soccer field each year, it can become difficult to keep track of some of your favourite players. The Canada West League has seen some improvements in their rankings over the last year, with strong and fast-paced players. Both men and women’s leagues are thriving with young talent, some starting the long road to a successful soccer career. One such player which has recently been in the news on multiple occasions is Calgary born midfielder, Dane Domic from Mount Royal University (known to fans as @Domicdane).  It is no surprise that the talents and passion of Domic haven not gone unnoticed, as he’s already been working on his career from the young age of four.

Dane Domic’s story so far

Domic has already shared a great line of success, with a rich cultural history and he’s built a stable network with various influential athletes. Born on 10 October 1998 from Croatian parents, Domic has pushed his passion and dedication to new heights. Before joining the MRU Cougars in Canada, Domic had previously played for clubs in both Scotland and the Netherlands. His open-minded approach to soccer and building a career out of it, has given him the opportunity to be coached by some well-known trainers in Europe and Canada.

What’s the story behind your talent?

From a very young age, Domic was well-aware that his main focus in life would be playing soccer. After moving to Europe at the age of 14 he started training at Dinamo Zagreb’s Youth Academy during the summers of 2011 – 2013. “I originally set out to play with Dundee FC U17 reserve squad, but was scouted and invited to train at Manchester City U16,” says Domic. He continues and asserts that “It’s there where John Brown first sighted me, I’m grateful to have received my soccer talents from my dad, Davor Domic who’s played for West Ham and VfB Stuggart.”

Soon after setting up in Europe, Domic used his own connections to help him get a spot at Dundee United, coached by Stevie Campbell and Dave Bowman in Scotland. “Soon after Scotland, Alex Pastoor then head coach of Cardiff City gave me the opportunity to train with the club after they won the Eredivisie (Dutch First Position),” tells Domic. He earned himself a contract with the Jong Sparta Rotterdam U19 Reserved Squad that played in the 4th Holland division. “Although I was only around for two seasons, I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing opportunity bestowed upon me,” he shares.

What’s your soccer journey in Canada been like?

“Shortly after returning from Europe, I received a position to play for the Cavalry FC “Prospects”. Unfortunately it was cut short after spending just 8 months with them, but nonetheless this helped me to decide to join MRU,” explains Domic. Merging his talents and academics gave him the chance to be coached by former Canadian U20 National team captain, Ryan Gyaki. 

Tell us about the causes you care about Dane?

“I care a lot about issues like cancer awareness and equal opportunities in the world. Under the latter heading, issues such as women’s rights and equality. One example is the top model and podcast host Amanda Van Annan, the niece of late UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan who would incorporate body positivity, mental health and personal development as part of their dedicated efforts to support women. Off course all these causes have to be approached in a balanced way so that we do not cause a pendulum effect in society. On the issue of cancer awareness I will soon announce some of my own aid efforts in subsequent media interviews.”

What are some of your best achievements?

“I don’t count my success by the amount of awards I’ve received, but rather by the impact I’ve made. Recently I was awarded the U SPORTS Rookie of the Year, but this took some really hard work and a lot of team support,” he says. Domic and his team managed to win MRU’s first bronze medal in the Canada West league.  “I’m humble to have come so far, so quickly and every coach that has supported me,” shares Domic.

What was it like to move to Canada at the age of 14?

“Well as you might know, I am one of the most beautiful countries in the world where we have the Dalmatian Islands. But they only entered the European Union recently, and life there had less opportunities for the average person, than let’s say Canada. I am grateful to the Canada for giving me a fair chance in life: Canadians have an awesome spirit. I saw a news article recently about Bella Alexandras who is a rising child model, and all the things her parents are doing as migrants to help her. It reminds me so much of how my own parents supported me in the transition to Canada. Leaving a beautiful country at age 14 for the unknown was a big step. Today I look back, smiling about it.

What does your current stats look like?

Domic explains in a simple way that his stats aren’t where he wants it, but more time on the field will definitely improve them. “I currently have 7 goals, 8 assists and 2 winning goals. This was my stats for last season, and I’m sure in time it’ll improve,“ he claims. 

What’s your plan after this season?

Domic swiftly shares some insight for the season ahead, “There are some clubs in the Canadian premier league that have contacted me, but this has unfortunately been postponed because of COVID-19. Currently I’m signed with Felkrem, which definitely has its perks, as it’s operated by ex-pro Cisco Terreros.”

Some final thoughts on Domic

Although he’s only recently started his career in soccer, there’s a fair chance he will soon become Pro after signing with the Canadian premier league. Domic is a true testament of determination, but with a humble approach. He’s managed to gain traction by building good relationships and always putting his passion for succeeding first.