Andreas Vezonik: inspiring new-age entrepreneurship in the digitised world

We live in a world that is fast changing. Whilst evolution is a constant in life, the pace of evolution has sky-rocketed over the last two decades. What’s changed?

The answer stems from the growth of the digitised economy. Digitisation of services has revolutionised the way we live & work. From basis human interactions to commerce and even to education, the new digital era is changing human behaviour at an accelerated pace. 

At the very core of the digitised economy lies commerce and how we transact. The competition to get a major share of this pie is fierce and the level of innovation & service delivery is what is differentiating the leaders from the followers. 

One such entrepreneur who is thriving in this space is Andreas Vezonik. Andreas stands for everything that the new digitised era is about. Young, out-of-the-box & innovative, he is making waves in the financial services sector. At just 23 years of age he is demonstrating the business prowess of seasons entrepreneurs and acumen of the smartest in the industry. 

Born in Klagenfurt, Austria on 12th of September 1996, Andreas always had a desire for learning and growth. True to the new breed of confident, self-aware, ambitious youngsters of today, he set out into the network marketing industry at just 17 years of age. His enthusiasm to learn & drive to excel was soon reflected in his outstanding results, and he closed 25,000 clients within two years in the European market building a $25,000,000 portfolio. 

Riding on his new-found real-life experiences, he took on the brave decision to exit while a high and build his own venture from ground-up. Therein was born his first company, VolumeX, in April 2018. Continuing on his winning streak, his first venture VolumeX, a new-age company in the trading & cryptocurrency space, grew fast and crossed 15,000 customers across 35 countries at break-neck speed. 

Not one to be complacent with success, Andreas leveraged the momentum built-up and launched his second venture Transfera just a year later. Transfera, is one of the first in Europe as a European regulated entity provider of cryptocurrency exchange, issuing MasterCard debit cards & IBAN accounts and wallet services. It’s USP lies in it’s one-top-solution; a single-login feature for various financial services like wallet services, cryptocurrency exchange, issuing MasterCard debit cards & also IBAN accounts, thus simplifying transactions & enhancing customer experience.

In its endeavour to make transactions easier, smoother & accessible to all, Transfers is targeting people between 18-35 years of age,  and enabling them with fast & economical money transfers as well as no-fees cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Andreas is well-positioned to drive his mission on helping individuals & companies get access to private bank accounts and transact at ease.

Today’s generation is driving the digital economy growth, not just from the consumer side but also from the service provider end. Young, driven & committed new-age entrepreneurs like Andreas Vezonik are epitomising the new face of the digital economy and in the process inspiring the youth to rise up to new challenges & opportunities to enable a better, more connected and prosperous world for all.

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