Andrew Jernigan and Insured Nomads Are Disrupting The Health Insurance Space For Expats

Travelling to the outback of Australia or to the ice caps of Greenland can be a rewarding experience. They are filled with memories that last for a lifetime and beyond. Many travel bloggers and travel nomads have found the means of earning an income while living a life that offers the freedom they desire.

While travelling and exploring are amazing, it is even more amazing to feel protected and secured in case of an emergency. Innovative travel insurance is one of the many solutions that Andrew Jernigan offers through his company Insured Nomads.

Jernigan who is an avid traveler and a self-proclaimed “slowmad” has disrupted the insurance market with the advanced offerings that his company provides for its clients. Andrew is an insurtech pioneer who has created solutions that allow clients to travel in comfort knowing that they have the protection they need.

He has visited many locations and has shared sentiments about travel that invite individuals to really savor the moments and experiences that are created. When asked about his own memorable experiences, Andrew recounts an event that took place in Mozambique.

He recalls “the worst experience in travel turned into one of the best in the end. I had anticipated spending 3 months on a project in Mozambique with my whole family some years back. It ended sooner than I expected yet the tickets we flew there on could not be changed. We were trapped with a $20,000 change fee or adjust and find a new plan in this sudden bad news of being a financial hostage with three kids, my wife and I.”

He added “it was time to make a choice in the face of financial loss whether we would let this wreck our summer or turn it into a new adventure. We embraced it with the full expectancy of good, of restoration and of lifetime memories for the months ahead exploring the region. It was during that season in South Africa that I decided that I would do all it took to become a subject-matter expert in travel risk management.”

Andrew’s sentiments are shared by numerous travelers whose trips may have taken an unexpected turn due to the weather or some other unforeseen occurrence. It is easier to enjoy the moments and find the positive in the situation when you are covered by a secure travel insurance policy.  Without travel insurance, disruptions to a trips can end up costing a fortune. In many cases, consumers lose the money they have already paid, and have to pay for new bookings as well.

The travel Insurance options offered by Insured Nomads come from the experiences of a well-seasoned traveler. It is a reassuring thought when you consider that a product or service that you use was designed by someone who has shared your experience and knows exactly what you need.

Andrew aptly represents his demographic well and by means of Insured Nomads the products offered are tailored to suit the needs of each type of traveler, whether a digital nomad, expat or a “slowmad.” Andrew believes in helping others by means of shared experiences. He brings this perspective to life with his company Insured Nomads.