Appreciation Motivates the Young Artist Enrique Enn like Nothing Else Does

Enrique Enn

Venezuelan artist Enrique Enn moved to Miami and has been working on his art since 2010. Enn is also known for being a marketing advisor, an Instagram expert and influencer, and an absolute creative genius who collects supreme New York clothing. He started with practicing graffiti but hid it from his parents as it was considered to be a crime painting walls of the cities with ideas and slogans. He was all of 14 at that time but was doing good graffiti art while developing his style.

Enn’s art is a rare combination of thought and alphabets constructed well on a canvas that leaves viewers speechless. The work is professional and brings forth his thoughts and style in creative ways. Each piece he makes is unique and fabulous that it has been liked by J Balvin as well.

The use of neon colors makes the art stand out from the rest. Also there is always an interference of luxurious cars like Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and McLaren adding modernized taste to his classic collection. There is art, colors, and luxury available at the price of $10,000-$30,000 on his website, which gets sold out very quickly. He mixes various techniques to derive his art like there is a mix of screen print, acrylic paint, spray paint, diamond dust, and resin on canvas and showcases the pieces on social media.

The artist says that he finds motivation to make art in appreciation he gets from the viewers. When they see his work and react with ‘amazing’, it motivates him to keep doing more. He practices his art to make it better and waits for the reaction by the viewers. Very soon, his first exhibition is also coming up for Miami Art Basel 2020

Venezuelan streets and Venezuelan street artists are the true inspiration for this young artist who is taking giant leaps with his work.

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