ARTBYMRNICE on the Importance of Having a Brand USP to Distinguish Yourself from Competitors

A well-defined USP (unique selling point) can help you design and focus your marketing goals to differentiate your brand and products from competitors successfully. It is typically part of a company’s branding strategy to help it stay memorable and generate a positive impression in the consumer’s eyes. Sonny Henty tried to make us understand this fact.

Sonny Henty, publically known as ARTBYMRNICE, is the owner of the popular Mr. NiCE company, which has been operating for five years. The company is endowed with several achievements and awards. Creating one-of-a-kind art pieces for brands like the Tiger Woods Foundation, SET Active, Invicta Watches, Rolling Loud, and celebrities including Kesha, Harry Jowsey, Alexander Mattinson NFL, Telli Swift, Deontay Wilder, Summer Rae, Juice Wrld, Lil Huddy, Mads Lewis, Nessa Barrett, among others, are some of the company’s achievements. Henty had a rough start as he ran out of money building up his first business, BOMANE Salon, but learned from his mistakes.

“If you don’t effectively express to your prospects what sets your products and business apart from the competition, it won’t matter.” Sonny Henty explained.

He encouraged people to always remember that a good USP tagline summarizes the entire USP, making it impactful.  In other words, why should a prospect purchase goods from you? The word count is less important as long as you effectively communicate the promise to your clients what makes you unique and most preferred. 

First, do a lot of market research. To build a good relationship with your consumers, you must first understand their motivations and values. It’s not just about the money. It’s about how you treat your consumers and how you treat them. It’s impossible to comprehend your target audience’s needs and focus your marketing materials without that knowledge. You must conduct market research to discover why current customers prefer your brand over competitors. You can also research your competition to see where you can improve and innovate. Knowing what makes your company unique from the outset will help you grow faster since more customers will buy from you and remember your brand.

Given the unique features of his company, Henty inspires young entrepreneurs. He mentioned that the unique integration of neon into pop art, and the fact that the company focuses on specific projects like Fuck Cancer, the Tiger Woods Foundation, San Diego Humane Society, make it unique.

“Basically, a brand USP answers the question, ‘how is your service better than that of your contemporaries?’” Henty concludes.