Artist Famousvicz Pursues Music As Passion & Has Confidence in His Abilities

Dominican artist Victor Hugo Almonte Jr was born in Florida, lived in New York and pursued engineering from Cleveland Ohio. This self taught artist made cover songs of various famous songs to start with. Eventually he started making original songs and uploading them on SoundCloud under the name of “famousvicz”.

With  Famousvicz as his artist name his fan base rose to 300k plays in no time on SoundCloud. He has uploaded over 22 tracks on the platform, amongst which ‘What That Mena- Aj2Times’ is the most popular one. Millennials love the hip hop numbers created by this artist who loves boxing and gaming in his free time.

What has helped Hugo find success in his work is his self belief and passion for music. As an optimistic person Hugo feels people should help each other grow rather than belittle each other. He himself has seen many ups and downs but everytime he has risen gracefully with renewed energy to take up new challenges. He is the most grateful and humble artist you will ever meet.

Today Victor Hugo dreams of becoming a renowned artist who intends to bring about a revolution in the world of hip-hop music. Always eager to learn new skills and put his skills into practice, he advises other artists to believe and follow their passion in the music industry. Hugo has always believed he has got nothing to prove to anyone, he is doing what he does because he loves music.

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