Austria’s serial entrepreneur Sandro J. Stadelmann aka Mister Immo calls real estate as the safest investment plan

The real estate business has created its niche on a global level and the sector is also responsible for contributing to the economy. Many entrepreneurs saw the opportunities in this sector long ago and the business has been evolving year after year. In every business or industry, some experts know how to generate higher incomes. In this field, Austria’s serial entrepreneur, Sandro J. Stadelmann has established himself as a real estate expert who is majorly dealing in selling premium and luxurious apartments all over Austria. Currently living in Wien, Österreich in Austria, the entrepreneur is a man with diverse skills.

An interesting fact about him is that Sandro’s career in real estate business began simultaneously with his acting career. But due to massive success in real estate, he has been actively working in this field. The serial entrepreneur has his formal training as a state licensed real estate trustee and is an academic real estate manager. In 2017, Sandro incorporated Mister Immo GmbH, a real estate firm which sells premium and luxurious properties. With intense competition in this field, the entrepreneur takes it easy and says that he has been optimistic, determined and never gives up.

Widely known as Mister Immo, the entrepreneur believes that real estate is the safest investment plan one can ever make. “It all matters how smartly you make your investments. One thing is for sure that real estate will give you a regular income in the form of rentals or it will see an appreciation in the capital value”, said Mr. Stadelmann. He further added that the real estate business is rapidly changing with the arrival of social media which has made people’s life easier in having multiple options before finalizing a property. Taking this business on top, Mr. Sandro has his unique real estate online program which is responsible for educating the budding real estate entrepreneurs, agents and brokers.

The main aim of his coaching is to teach real estate agents how to become the number one in his region and gain more listings. “The stronger your networking skills, higher are the chances of cracking a top-notch deal. I believe real estate is all about networking and branding and that’s what we do by training the students who aspire to make a career in this sector”, quoted the entrepreneur. Besides coaching, Sandro J. Stadelmann is also a high-class marketer and has been skilled in marketing.

In his entrepreneurial journey so far, he has been awarded many recognitions for his work. Currently, he is aiming to expand his business in the German-speaking area with his unique coaching program for real estate agents. Besides this, he is keen to venture into digital marketing and influencer management in Vienna. With some major plans, it seems that the businessman is looking forward to a lot of interesting business ventures besides real estate and marketing.