Author Keishorne Scott Speaks on George Floyd’s Death

Keishorne Scott is a Brooklyn native; an award-winning community activist, two-time bestselling author, speaker, life coach, TV Personality, and founder of Your Love Experience Intl.  Mr. Scott has been seen on Forbes, Good Morning America, ABC News, ABC World News Now,, Yahoo! tv, Newsday, News 12,, Canarsie Courier, Rolling Out Magazine, and many high-profile media outlets.

Keishorne speaks deeply on the death of George Floyd and the issues surrounding our communities.

Keishorne stated in his caption on an Instagram post:

“I hurt deeply by the way George Floyd died. Watching his death was painful. Being black should not be a death sentence. My complexion shouldn’t be hated. Being black shouldn’t be a reason for you to hate us, kill us, lynch us, or abuse us. WE ARE HURT! We should not be teaching our children how to not get killed by those who should protect us. —We need room for love, education, success, financial freedom, and to grow old with the people we grew up with. We need more peace. We need you to value our existence. —This is the time we stand up and fight for what’s right! Fight for those who couldn’t, fight for those who died trying to breathe, fight for those who got murdered in the comfort of their own home, fight for those who just wanted to jog, but didn’t make it home. Fight for those who didn’t have a chance to defend themselves, because a bullet ended their life too soon. I’m beyond over it! It’s not okay! It’s not right! We are sad and angry! We need justice!”

Keishorne has a very powerful voice and a huge social influence. Mr. Scott speaking out means so much to his followers and his online community. Keishorne believes that This is the era to educate our youth about police brutality, racism, and injustice. And in addition, how to effectively and proactively fight for your right, what is right, and how to behave and react when stopped by any police officer. —This is the season to stand up and voice your opinion and your heart. Protest, vote, invest, post social awareness on what’s happening, or just share content. Let it roar!!! Make noise! We must be heard.

In 2010, Keishorne started the One More Educated Black Man Initiative. Which is to provide quality and enriching services to all children, youth and their families through educational, cultural and academic programs in an effort to: (1) Increase academic excellence, (2) develop youth as well as parental involvement and leadership, (3) Provide a safe haven with comprehensive activities, (4) Increase school and community relations, (5) Build a better future for the community at large.

Keishorne designed this program to ensure a society in which all young men regardless of age and race can share, coach and manifest the qualities of manhood through Love, Integrity, Respect, and Stewardship; which are our 4 core values.

Keishorne’s work is all over the internet and easy to find. You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook @Keishornescott, purchase his book on Amazon, or visit his website