John Qreshi Clairaudient Psychic, Author of “Rewiring Your Success” & Founder of Quantum Master Coach™ said “every next level in your life will demand different you”.

John Qreshi Describe Why You don’t want to wish for an easy life but pray for the strength to endure a tough time”

Today is Covid19 tomorrow will be another challenge, Qreshi further said problems makes us stronger, problems are the gifts we grew from, we become more from it, not from Netflix and Cheetos.

Qreshi believes by asking yourself what is one thing you need now that bring progress that moves the needle in your life can help you change your paradigm.

John Qreshi further stated “Hoping is the most dangerous strategy that could potentially keep you stuck in your comfort zone”.

Qreshi further said a lot of people asked me don’t we all need some comfort Of course yes I’m not talking about that but you know the definition of insanity you doing the same thing but expecting different results.

“Author of Rewiring Your Success” describes hope can unconsciously create programs that make you rely on others to change rather you suppose to change. You don’t need to be hopeful someday or one day, that one day will never come. Understand that a tough time will make you not break you.

A lot of people hope for things to change but the hope is going to push you back to your comfort zone. Instead, ask your self what needs to change now that brings progress in my life or that allows me to expand & grow me further. In spirituality they say your soul gets purified when you learn, grow & evolve my friend (If you look at the big picture) the rest are the details and depending on which values level are you currently living in.

John Qreshi further said “Understand that lack of confidence comes from lack of preparation”, So what this all has to do with confidence. when you prepare well then confidence comes by itself. Confidence is where you come from. Make sure you follow as I’m about to give away a few special free gifts that would help you boost your career in this pandemic. No matter where-ever you are in your life.

Maybe this is a time for you to build a skillset or find a new career or do something that you have been avoiding rather complain about it. Your Life becomes what story you have been telling yourself, and your stories are the programs and beliefs in your deeper unconscious level you’re living and giving yourself an identity. Watch your words on what you are speaking.

We are entering in the world of social distancing and 5G, where you have to find out how you can add value by mastering a skillset or if you’ve already one how can you add value and this is not the time to desperately sell and take advantage from people, this is the time to build a lead generation, build a human connection and identify your tribe problems. If you want to make a couple of million-dollars then solve a greater problem for the majority of people.

Once You master a skillset then you can find your tribe who is it you want to solve a problem what are their pain points what are their challenges, how their life could be different after you solve a problem for them, why they should buy your product or service.

Understanding that people buy identity, transformation, a better version of themselves. People buy emotions and justify it with logic. So what transformation are you going to give them whether it’s your product, service or platform business? How can you add value to their life? Once you master this, this is when you can focus on building your Universal Product Statement, for example, I help _____ So they can get ______ in ____ amount of time. That’s Your big promise. So you can create a scalable Income.

Lastly please stay home so we can turn around this corona pandemic if the whole world stays home for 3 weeks !! Otherwise many other people have to pay the price. If you want to save this planet or do something for humanity, that would be the best thing you can do to contribute to this world & may that contribution come with a big reward in your life.