Avi Benezra Reveals the Ways in which Chatbots are Helping Businesses Become More Effective

Avi Benezra, CTO at SnatchBot has revealed the ways in which various businesses have been getting benefitted due to the use of chatbots for different purposes. He explained how the integration of SnatchBot with Line messenger has helped to improve the dealing of a business community with customers. According to Avi Benezra, it has become possible for businesses to reach a wider market with the use of AI on messaging platforms.

While sharing his views on this subject, he reveals that all businesses with a social media presence need to communicate with their clients and prospective customers to share new updates about their products as well as services. Due to globalization, it has become possible for businesses to utilize the new opportunities in the market. And chatbots ensure a high level of customer support and engagement on different messaging platforms.

The use of AI in messaging platforms has made it possible for businesses to reach different communities of customers 24/7. With the use of NLP (natural language processing) and NLU (natural language understanding), the bots help to better understand the needs of people. And it also becomes possible to respond to different queries of people in an effective manner. Various services such as customer inquiries, ordering, and reservations can be completed with the use of chatbots in a quick and effective manner.

Like many other messaging platforms, Line messenger facilitates the creation and deployment of a bot on it. Line also released its own ClovaAI to enable developers to build smart chatbots in order to interact with consumers in many languages. Since it is easy to add a third-party bot development like SnatchBot, it is possible to import and embed it on Line. In addition to this, one can simply develop a new bot with a framework like Python or NodeJS.

Avi Benezra also admitted that the Line messaging app offers a variety of services to interact with their customers and users in an effective manner. With the help of the SnatchBot platform, it is simply possible to create the bots for Line in a less time-consuming and affordable manner. Using SnatchBot, it is easy to create bots for Line with the use of its services and it also provides the required tools to do so without coding.

SnatchBot platform provides NLP, Machine Learning algorithms, arithmetic and logic functions such as a voice-to-text feature and data extractions interactions. Now, with the brand new version 2 of the platform that includes the biggest chatbot store and marketplace in the world, clever AI bots can be easily built, tested, refined, and improved in order to ensure a precise chat. It is also possible to test the chat on all channels to deploy it on various devices.

According to Avi Benezra, a chatbot must benefit both the business and the customer. Every business platform deploying chatbots on their platforms must gain users and execute effective marketing strategies. And customers should also gain important information and 24/7 support by engaging in professional and efficient conversations. SnatchBot has been providing all the necessary tools to help businesses reach their customers 24/7 with the use of machine learning and AI techniques.