Award Winning Tattoo Artist Ben Shaw is Promoting high Ethical Standards in Tattoo Industry

A licensed professional tattoo artist since 20 years, Ben Shaw is now working passionately to increase health conscience practices, education and charity in the tattoo industry. He owns the Archetype Tattoo Studio, and has co-founded The Guild of Ethical Tattooists.

Shaw has been educating the youth by speaking at schools, health affairs, and outreach programs that they should get the body art done in their late adulthood. He is sharing his knowledge and sharing with them about art health and safety.

The Board of Body Art Practitioners is a regulation board that was created when Shaw got involved in the 2015 legislative session addressed New Mexico’s senate and house of representatives to pass senate bill 275. The board now effectively licenses body artists in New Mexico. It has brought legality and fair practices in the tattoo industry.

Ben Shaw has been advocating that tattoo makers take health and safety measures. He has been working with Steve Truitt, the Guild of Ethical Tattooists officer, to create awareness about tattoos and piercings. Many children have already been exposed to unprofessional body modifications. The Guild members visit school to share their knowledge with the kids. They use images for spreading the useful information and facts among them.

Shaw takes immense pride in being a tattoo maker. He says it is his privilege that he can help people express themselves through body art in a beautiful way. For his work and dedication, Shaw has been recognized as The Best Tattoo Artist of Albuquerque, NM by ABQ MAG.

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