Badass Stuntman Bryan McCoy has Launched His Own Stunt Company

A stuntman never gives up. Even when the road was filled with blocks and doubts, passionate stuntman Bryan McCoy made it click with his perseverance and risk taking attitude. The man struggled a lot to achieve recognition in the stunt field. He races along with doing falls, operating automatic weapons, wire-works and taking fire burns. With the extraordinary stunts, the man braves many stunts with his innovative thinking and risk taking action on the screen.

After putting in all the efforts the stuntman has launched his own company called Real McCoy Stunts. With his company, he aims to bring recognition for many deserving stuntmen. The present film industry will undoubtedly be proud of Bryan McCoy with not only his stunt doing skills but also for giving recognition to other stunt artists.

The stunt man belongs to Mexico. He was born and raised there where his grandparents were into racing. His family comes from a racing background. But stunts caught little Bryan’s attention once he started watching ‘Batman’ and copying the stunts. His first love is doing stunts. Bryan’s family has motivated him to keep working hard and with passion in the stunt industry.

Today he is a popular name in the film industry but he works harder and believes in never giving up. Bryan McCoy is considered one of the most fearless and daring stuntmen. His X factor is that he pictures his stunts amazingly. He is a total badass stuntman who has grown up idolizing Batman. Bryan aims to achieve a lot in the stunt industry and while doing so bring respect and popularity to other stunt artists too.

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