Bader Al Safar, a Fashion Influencer, Gains New Business by Promoting Sneakers & Streetwear of Popular Brands on Social Media

The evolution in the fashion world and the technology revolution have made things brighter than before. Today, it is quite easy for fashion enthusiasts to share their voices, feelings, and emotions about their fashion subjects using technology means.

Bader Al Safar, a sneaker and streetwear influencer, is one of the best examples in this context who is very well utilizing the power of social media to run his business. Bader Al Safar promotes branded sneakers and streetwear on his Instagram & TikTok accounts.

Born in Bahrain, the fashion influencer has gained immense popularity on social media due to his passionate work in fashion influencing. At present, Bader Al Safar enjoys over 56 million likes on TikTok and one of his videos exceeds 28 million views on this social video sharing platform.

His Instagram followers have already crossed 270,000 and he enjoys over 1.7 million TikTok followers. Bader Al Safar possesses a strong financial knowledge, strategic marketing skills, and exceptional communication ability that make him popular in the digital space.

Bader Al Safar got passionate about looking fashionable since his childhood days and it made him collect branded as well as cool sneakers. With time, he developed an inclination to wear streetwear from popular brands after getting influenced by popular pop stars such as Kanye West.

Bader Al Safar is a CFA Charterholder and he has got a graduate diploma from the London School of Economics with Distinction. He even achieved an Award of Academic Achievement for obtaining the highest marks in finance class.

Moreover, he was also passionate about visual arts and his creative insight made him pursue Higher Level Arts from the International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2009 with a full score of 7/7. Bader Al Safar had worked to create a robust social media strategy for many companies

The fashion influencer now utilizes his experience in various business companies to make his brand popular. He very well utilizes social networks to advertise sneakers and streetwear from popular brands. Bader Al Safar also enjoys strong links with celebrities and artists namely, Virgil Abloh & Takashi Murakami.

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