Beauty Expert, Shareezma Shishani has Introduced an Innovative Cosmetic Brand Product for Better Skin Care

Shareezma Shishani, a young entrepreneur has introduced an innovative makeup product in order to help people take better care of their skin. With the help of the cosmetic manufacturing unit, Boost Balm, Shareezma Shishani has found an excellent skin care solution in the form of a unique skin barrier cream, Boost Balm Pegasus Blood Edition.

The innovative skincare product, Boost Balm Skin Barrier Cream is the result of her hard work and the use of innovation from Shareezma Shishani. It is her passion for beauty that won her a Grant at Halal Hi-Tech Challenge, a joint program by Agensi Inovasi Malaysia, PlaTCOM Ventures, and SME Corp, in the year 2015. She used all this grant and her savings to work on her idea to produce the skincare product.

The young entrepreneur didn’t get success easily as she along with other scientists had worked for the research, development, and testing of the upcoming cosmetic brand before launching it successfully at Parkson KLCC in March 2018. Boost Balm skin barrier cream serves multiple purposes when it comes to taking care of the skin.

This innovative skincare product is suitable to use at night or day and one just needs to apply on the face in the upward direction. It is a long-lasting primer that stays on the skin for about 10 hours. Known as Pegasus Blood Edition, it acts in the three ways namely, skin healer, skin barrier, and skin primer.

It is a plant-based and natural product that contains ingredients such as bearberry extract, germanium & hibiscus extract, willow bark extract, Phytosan K, etc. While making this innovative product, the combination of skin barrier technology and stem cell technology is used by researchers.

This new skincare product by Shareezma Shishani helps to boost skin healing, brighten skin tone, and prevent anti-aging. It also contributes towards one of the best acne solution for skin. It has a sweet smell with a soft velvety texture. In addition to protecting the skin from the harmful effects of chemicals in makeup products, it also offers protection against pollutants.