Beauty Products You Never Knew You Needed

Are you a career woman that likes the bold, confident, yet professional look in the workplace? Perhaps you’re a busy mom that prefers the clean, polished, minimalist appearance? Maybe you’re a young woman fresh out of college that likes to experiment by switching your style to match your moods? No matter which of these categories you fit into, achieving your preferred swag wouldn’t be possible without the right beauty products. 

While every woman likely has their everyday cosmetics, hair, skin, and nail care products in their arsenal, there’s always something more she could add to enhance her beauty. The beauty industry is continually creating new and improved products. Though some of these items are weird and farfetched, others are hidden gems that could come in handy. Check out this list of beauty products you never knew you needed. 

Nail Brush

Whether you get a weekly manicure or you’re not much of a nail person, there’s nothing worse than dirty nails. Not only is it an unattractive feature that gives the impression that you don’t care for yourself, but all that dirt and bacteria is unhealthy. Having a small, sturdy brush on hand means you can get underneath those nails for a thoroughly clean and healthy appearance. 

Peel Off Nail Polish Barrier

Lots of women do their own manicures to save money (or as a favorite pastime). Be that as it may, trying to give yourself a mani or pedi is an acquired skill. One of the biggest complaints is keeping the nail polish from getting on your skin. Fortunately, there’s a product on the market to resolve the matter. It’s called a nail polish barrier. It’s a liquid polish that you apply around your skin before you begin painting. Then, apply whichever color polish you choose to your finger or toenails and allow it to dry. Finally, you peel back the nail polish barrier, which removes any excess paint on your nails for a clean and professional finish. 


While headbands are associated with little girls, they’re a practical beauty product to have on hand. Headbands come in a ton of different styles, textures, and patterns to match your outfit. They also help to break up the monotony of an outfit by adding a pop of color. Headbands are also a great go-to if you’re having a bad hair day or simply want to keep your long flowing locks out of your face and eyes. 

Foam Rods

Some of the trendiest hairstyles look great, but put a lot of wear and tear on your tresses. For example, ladies who want lush bouncy curls have to use curling irons that exude a lot of heat. Your curls may look amazing, but your strands of hair become fried overtime causing breakage and split ends. That’s why every woman should have a set of foam rods in their stash. These soft rods come in an array of sizes for the perfect curl. The best part is, you don’t need any heat, and they won’t hurt your head while you’re sleeping. Simply apply them to wet or dry hair after its been washed (with some form of curling foam), let them sit for a few hours (preferably overnight), and awake to a head full of flawless curls. 

Face Steamer

This last beauty product might seem a bit bougie, but it’s a must-have. A personal face steamer is perfect for achieving flawless skin. Whether you’re having trouble with acne, clogged pores, or uneven complexion, a regular steam can help rid your skin of toxins that cause breakouts and blemishes. Just a few minutes in front of the steamer, and you’ll look just as radiant as you feel. 

It may seem like the beauty industry is always coming up with some new way to get more of your money, but that’s not always the case. Though there are a few questionable items on the market, many brands go to great lengths to design things you’ll love. Whether you’re looking for products to enhance your looks, streamline your beauty routine, or add a little flavor to your appearance, the beauty products listed above are gems you’ll wish you had purchased sooner.