Best Styling Products to Share With Your Significant Other

Wouldn’t it be great to share a few things with your significant other, like your hair products? It means you can reduce the number of hair products you buy, saving money in the process.

The good news is that it’s possible. The following are a few styling products you can share with your significant other:

Leave-In Conditioner

An excellent product to share is your leave-in conditioner as long as the ingredients don’t include scents that are too feminine or masculine. The best thing to do is to choose something that’s unscented or something that’s a bit more neutral. For example, a good option is a leave-in conditioner with a citrus scent or an almond scent. Both examples are fairly neutral scents you can both enjoy. Try to apply the same idea to the rest of the hair styling products.


One of the best-kept hair secrets out there is pomade. Everyone knows about gel, but this substance can damage your hair, and it doesn’t give you any styling freedoms. The benefits of hair pomade include all sorts of things like that freedom just mentioned earlier since the hold it provides isn’t too strong. You can style your hair throughout the day, and this means your partner can do the same. This product doesn’t dry out, gives your hair shine, and helps keep your hair supple. You’ll love the way you look, and you’ll love the way your partner’s hair will look.

Hair Spray Refresher

If you use a hair spray, then this is another product you can share. Some of the simpler hair sprays contain sea salt and a neutral scent like lemongrass. Both ingredients can help revitalize your hair, and it’ll do the same for your partner. After a day or two, your styled hair starts to lose that bounce and shine it had when it was freshly styled. You can get it all back for just a little while longer with this product. On top of that, you can share this hair styling trick with your partner so that you can look great a bit longer.

The Hair Mousse

The hair mousse is a styling product you can both use. Its ability to give your style a bit more hold and more volume can do wonders for you and your partner. You have to find a brand that makes a mousse that’ll work for both of you. It’s essential to use a mousse option that doesn’t dry your hair or create too much build-up. There are a few options out there like mousse options that contain vegan-friendly ingredients like rosemary or thyme. These help the hair retain their natural health while giving both of you a lot of styling control.

Defining Curl Lotion

If you and your partner have curls in your hair or waves, then you are going to need defining curl lotion to help enhance your styles. The only thing you have to figure out is which one you can share. A good defining curl that could be good for both is going to have things like biotin, basil, or flaxseed oil. You might also see ingredients like oat, coconut oil, or shea butter, which should help activate those curls. Try a few of these out until you find one that works for both textures. It might take a while, but you’ve got a partner that’ll help you on your hunt, and it may be kind of fun.

Hopefully, you can find many hair styling products that work for both of you. After you’re done with your hair, you should move on to other personal care products that you might be able to share.