Blackbury Capital, Helping Everyday People Change Their Life Through Their Unique Trading Methods

The financial markets are the lifeblood of any economy and are considered responsible for a country’s economic growth and stability over time. As the needs are a complex network of interconnected systems that make up the world’s economy, traders must take extra precautions when learning how to trade, including learning from the right mentors who can guide them in making more transparent and more informed decisions. 

Blackbury Capital is a proprietary trading firm in Australia founded by Jay Piggin, who generated over $100,000.00 per week. Blackbury Capital teaches people how to master financial independence by learning how to beat the financial markets consistently.

Jay started the proprietary trading firm in Australia as he wanted to teach people how to trade so they could provide for their families on their own and not have to rely on others. As a leading figure in the fitness industry, he has since dedicated a large portion of the past few years to learning how to win consistently in the financial markets. 

Jay’s “right-hand man,” Andrew Bailey, is Senior Manager of the firm who has played a significant part in building the Blackbury Capital mentorship program. Andrew mentors students and oversees the operations for sales and marketing and is one of the top traders in the firm. 

Elite-level traders understand that psychological and emotional aspects are crucial in determining your success or failure as a trader. Blackbury Capital helps people learn how to trade from a technological standpoint and how to master their minds and emotions.

They share, “We have a particular set of trade rules that we adhere to. We have a daily routine that we follow religiously each day leading up to our trading sessions. We always make sure that we are in or as close to a peak state of mind as possible when we arrive at the charts each day. We trade at the same time each day. We put ourselves in a position to capitalize on every possible advantage available to us.”

The team at Blackbury Capital also helps people leverage opportunities in the Metaverse before it becomes mainstream. Students benefit from having real-time access to Jay’s exact up-to-date cryptocurrency, NFT, and digital real estate portfolio that has resulted in month-on-month returns over the past 24 months.

Jay advises that the best strategy for those looking to capitalize on the financial markets is to learn how to trade forex first. Then, he recommends using that income to invest in cryptocurrency, the Metaverse, and quantum economic projects.