Brand New Tesla, Up for Grabs in Latest HighKey Giveaway

Celebrity management company HighKey Clout is on a roll this June as it proceeds with yet another Tesla giveaway. Just recently, the number one celebrity giveaway company in the United States has concluded its Tesla giveaway courtesy of American rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross. HighKey Clout is at it again. Last June 27, HighKey Clout gave away another Tesla to one lucky winner as the firm partnered up with American singer, songwriter, and rapper Lil Baby.

Collaborating With Lil Baby

Dominique Armani Jones AKA Lil Baby has had his fair share of success in the music industry. Throughout his lustrous career, Lil Baby has been nominated for several of the most prestigious music awards, including the Grammys, the American Music Awards, the MTV VMAs, and the BET Awards. Just last year, Lil Baby was crowned as the Artist of the Year at the Apple Music Awards. Lil Baby also recently released a new studio album with Lil Durk entitled The Voice of the Heroes, which to no surprise has done exceptionally well in its first week of sales.

With such an amazing track record, it’s no wonder that Lil Baby is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram to date. As of this writing, his follower count is close to 16 million people from around the world. Because of this, HighKey Clout has made it a point to partner with him for another celebrity giveaway.

HighKey Clout: Doing What They Do Best

HighKey founders and brothers Jordan, Luke, and Jackson Lintz follow one simple rule when it comes to their businesses: go big or go home. That’s why they have given away over $350,000 in cash during their celebrity giveaways in the past 12 months. Moreover, they have also sent several iPhones, PS5 consoles, and even a few brand new Tesla cars to lucky winners.

Organizing successful celebrity giveaways is the specialty of the Lintz brothers’ third company, HighKey Clout. They began staging such giveaways in 2019 as a way to increase the exposure of their clients’ brands on social media, which in turn increases revenue. HighKey Clout’s giveaways are meticulously planned and properly executed to provide so much benefit to every person involved in the process: their clients, their celebrity sponsors, and giveaway winners.

This revolutionary way of doing social media marketing through collaboration has been proven effective by HighKey Clout themselves. Through this method, @highkeyclout has raised its follower count to more than 700,000.

How to Join HighKey Clout’s Next Giveaways

HighKey’s giveaway with Lil Baby already completed and the winner, Deontra was chosen and announced on @Highkeyclout, but that doesn’t mean HighKey won’t be hosting new giveaways soon. If you want to stay updated with their next giveaway, simply follow @highkeyclout to learn more.