Britain Betting and Gaming Council Releases Statement in the midst of Covid 19 Crisis

Britain’s Betting and Gaming Council has said that they have been seeing a drop in casino advertising by upto 10%. Their online revenue has dropped up to 30 per cent and total member revenue is down by up to 60 per cent. So they have decided to remove all their TV and radio advertising for games and products during the coronavirus lockdown.

Now the existing advertising slots will be replaced by safer gambling messages. They will have to donate to charities or their broadcast will be cancelled for minimum 6 weeks. Other major TV and radio gambling operators – the National Lottery, society lotteries and other bingo operators will also drop their adverts. According to Spinsify, UK’s biggest site for casinos online, the council’s latest move is to make betting and gaming safer and free of anxiety for the customers.

Michael Dugher, chief executive of the Betting and Gambling Council has released a long statement on behalf of the betting industry body stating that from day 1 of the crisis they have sought to protect their customers and have announced safer gambling measures as part of their 10 pledges for Covid 19 that was released in March and they are determined to do everything they can to protect customers.

Dugher said that they have been working closely with member companies to gaze the impact of Covid 19 on betting and gaming. According to him to the revenue of the industry has been polar opposite to what has been the popular notion. The total revenue is down by 60 percent as a result of betting shops and casinos closing and the suspension of live sport.

The BGC represents around 90 per cent of the UK betting and gaming industry excluding lotteries.