Bunaai‘s New Festive Launch With None Other Than The Very Famous Surbhi Jyoti

The fashion industry is a significant aspect of all thriving economies. With more and more modernization and development emerging in India, several new businesses have entered the fashion market and are making a mark of their own. Competing with both national and international brands, many indigenous brands are on the way to conquering the market with outfits and accessories to die for. They not only bring out fresh and unique designs but also make them affordable for the customers. Even their accessibility has greatly increased and has become flexible with the advent of online business.

One such brand is Bunaai which is a renowned name in the Indian fashion industry because of its outstanding designs and outfits. Having its origin in Jaipur, Bunaai beautifully depicts the Rajasthani culture and heritage. Founded by Pari Poonam Choudhary exclusively deals in Indian women’s wear and has the best affordable options for traditional styling. Over the years, it has achieved the best of accomplishments and is on its way to conquer the fashion market. Recently, it joined hands with none other than Surbhi Jyoti, a popular Indian Television actress. This festive season, Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai is here to make it more vibrant and colorful with its designs. Collaborating with someone as successful and prominent as Surbhi Jyoti is a big checkpoint for the brand. Her charming nature and alluring personality will add a touch of authenticity and appeal to the new brand line.

Her energetic vibe and glamor will now represent the brand. This highly attractive series is delicately hand-made in stunning georgette, organza, jacquard, cotton fabric with complicated embroideries. Beautifully crafted in radiant hues, Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai is embellished with glowing sequins and gold and silver zari threads. The ensembles have a hint of background craftsmanship and appeal to Jaipur’s rich culture and tradition. With such beautiful designs and high standards of quality, Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai is surely going to engage lots and lots of customers. This year’s festive season is all set to begin, and people can’t get enough of those breathtakingly delightful Indian dresses. Bunaai’s stunning designs and diverse range of Indian wear are like a cherry on the top. Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai aims to connect culture with fashion, offering the most captivating range of outfits to its customers.

Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai depicts the most beautiful cultural heritage of Rajasthan through its intrinsic designs and fabric. It portrays fashion origination from the very roots of the region. The aim is to bridge the gap between the modernized culture of fashion dressing and the traditional heritage of the land. The designs are handcrafted by skilled artisans who are deeply connected to their culture and have amazing expertise in doing so. This further gives them a platform to connect with the commercial world and showcase what they do the best.

Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai will hit the webshop www.bunaai.com on 8th July 2021. Its outstandingly likable designs along with Surbhi’s authentic and loyal collaboration will surely make Surbhi Jyoti x Bunaai a shining success in the fashion market.