Can Sports Teach You Important Life Lessons? Founder Of Greater Purpose Athletics, Jonte Wells Explains

Jonte Wells the founder of Greater Purpose Athletics is focusing on qualifying young athletes to be the best version of themselves through the sport of basketball. Though, for GPA life lessons do not take a back seat – it is a core value of theirs.

We caught up with Jonte and he shared that through the power of nurturing sports skills comes valuable and transferrable life lessons and skill, one of the key reasons for founding Greater Purpose Athletics.

A dream of his since his youth, Jonte recounts how valuable it would have been to have access to a community based facility that would pave the way for a bountiful future, and set out to do just that for his own city. The facility was particularly designed to combine elements of Jonte’s life experiences into refined training management, helping young athletes to sharpen and nourish their existing abilities and skills, which extend far beyond just the court.

Jonte discusses important life lessons that sports can teach you. According to him, sports are a power bucket that one must have and carry the lessons wherever they go in life.

Below, Jonte Wells reveals the 3 important life lessons that Jonte believes are most valuable in sports and in life

1. First and foremost, knowingly or unknowingly you will adopt others’ enthusiasm. 

Sometimes, we forget our passion in life. But, when you meet somebody who reflects on your previous self you will automatically get inspired and adapt it once again.

Never forget the theory that for high achievers there are endless obstacles ahead in life. All it requires is your broad commitment, devotion, patience, and hard work. Moreover, hold tight to your action plan. If you want to master basketball then you need to have a well-planned and practice strategy. Also, when you are in sports you are not alone there are other athletes around. You are recognized by your team. At Greater Purpose Athletics, Jonte focuses and lines up the goals, especially the basketball practice. He follows up exactly on what is necessary for court as well as in life. His motive for young athletes is to make them taste success and enjoy every bit of it. For Jonte, interactive sessions are the key to strengthen the skills and water each player’s enthusiasm. With the help of GPA, Jonte ensures to serve his athletes’ physical fitness and mental fitness.

2. GPA will teach you it is a ‘must’ to have self-restraint and calmness in sports and life.

There will be situations when you will encounter failure i.e. why GPA exists to teach you self-restraint and calmness. The skill of activeness or speed comes secondary. The priority is to learn patience. Be it game or life you have to wear the outfit of patience every time you step into the outside circle of the court or inside the circle of sports. Adapting self-restraint will allow you to accept the situation. Jonte has trained members of GPA so well that they have become the master of practicing under pressure. The skill that they will carry in their experience jar throughout their life. Undoubtedly, the facility carries a practical change in the community. Whoever is connected with GPA appreciates the brain behind it.

The time you join GPA you will subscribe for training only. But, Jonte will provide you with free life skills as a bonus. The life lessons that you will never unsubscribe.

3. Lastly, know that you are not an individual but a team. 

Without a team, you are nothing but an individual. When you get into basketball you need to know it’s a team sport. Every member of the team is separately skilled. The victory of every player is defined by the hard work of other team members. You and other members share a similar goal to achieve. If you want to win then learn to establish a strong and unbreakable team. Remember, your synergy will be visible on the court.

Moreover, Greater Purpose Athletics has experts who look after the skills of their athletes. The trainers shape their traits. For instance; Reliance, understanding, care, and kindness, and substantially more.

At a glance it is easy to see that whoever joins GPA never looks back at life the same way. They learn about games and life simultaneously. Jonte shifts the perspective in the right direction and gives real-life experience to the athletes fearlessly now and for their future.