Celebrities are Handing their Social Media Platforms to Black Activists

Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes will be handing over their Instagram accounts to black activists and organizations to share messages on black community and black lives matter protests.

Selena Gomez is followed by 180 million on Instagram. She recently posted on her account that she would be giving her account over to leaders of the black community for the next few days so that black voices can be amplified. She wrote that after thinking how she can use her social media in the best possible way during this crisis she understood that she needs to give the voice to the voiceless. She shared her thoughts saying that all need to hear more from Black voices.

Gomez shared a piece of art from black fine artist Charly Palmer and wrote that everyone should be doing better right now and start listening to the black voices with an open heart and mind.

After this message was posted, Alicia Garza, co-creator of Black Lives Matter; Jelani Cobb, reporter at The New Yorker and Columbia University professor; and Kimberlé Crenshaw, co-founder of the African American Policy Forum, took over Gomez’ account. They shared racial injustice moments from history and the inequalities that are still around today on Gomez’s instagram stories.

Similarly, Lady Gaga has vowed to regularly share content from inspiring members and groups within the black community. She too posted in her account that is followed by 42.5 million people that she would be giving her Instagram platform to the black organizations she has donated to.

The Community Justice Action Fund took over her account to promote other organizations helping black communities like March For Our Lives, The Wave App and Amnesty USA. Going on their footsteps, many people are not looking for options to purchase USA Instagram followers to increase their reach and eventually support the black lives matter protest further.