Celebrity Keshia Rush Collaborated with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau For His First Vlog

Collaboration videos have been popular on YouTube for years. There’s something about the way content creators come together that makes viewers even more anxious when watching a new video. The creators also know that creating collaborative videos is as fun as it is to watch. However, before you can start shooting collaborative videos, you need to find other YouTubers, influencers, and celebrities to work with. Celebrity Keshia Rush, a famous YouTuber, partnered with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his first video blog. Tray and Keshia upload a new video blog every day. Their video content consists mainly of pranks, challenge videos, travel vlogs, and story videos. His channel reached new heights when he co-filmed with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Keshia Rush has also shared her experiences with anxiety and depression in several of her videos.

In terms of their videos, Tray and Keshia Rush have always posted videos that entertain their fans and viewers. They have taken on many challenges such as the Makeup Challenge, Eatingtest Snacks and Whisper Challenge. The videos “Baby Eating Warheads” and “What Happened to Cali” are among Tray’s most viewed videos, each with over six million views.

Then Tray Rush and Keshia Rush got the opportunity to shoot a joint video with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The PM’s office was looking for a YouTuber to film a video with which the PM planned to discuss several issues. Later, he and Keshia were interviewed by a local news channel to discuss their experiences with Justin Trudeau. Tray described his experience as surreal. Today Tray’s YouTube channel has over 700,000 subscribers. His videos have gained over 200 million views to date.

When Tray became a father, he called his family T-Squad. He still uses the term in the opening phrase of his videos. He and Keshia shot a couple of videos about relationship problems, marriage and parenting. They also never miss an opportunity to play a trick on each other. Their video prank series includes Worst Birthday Gift Jokes, Insect and Pizza Jokes, Break Up Jokes, Beat Jokes, I’m Pregnant and many more.

Their children Cali Rush, Kirah Rush, Kameiro Rush also made their own game channel on YouTube. The first video Tray posted was a shared video vlog. Then he started to publish video blogs related to his daily life. Keshia began to appear constantly in Tray’s video. He then posted information about every special moment he had with Keshia. He wrote about the proposal, his first date with her, his first vacation with her, and his wedding. He also posted a few story videos from time to time. In his story videos, he talked about his struggles with anxiety and depression and how he overcame them.

Keshia and Tray Rush have millions of subscribers worldwide for their great and engaging content. Followers and subscribers of Tray and Keshia are always looking forward to their new video because they know they will come up with something awesome. Keshia Rush also works as a female entrepreneur and is turning her social media into big business. We wish the Rush family all the best for the future. Learn more about Keshia Rush and family: Instagram @shortyisdope