COINMARKETPEDIA – The Platform for Crypto & Blockchain Education

There have been a lot of changes in recent years. With so many new advances being made almost daily, the tech world seems to be in a state of constant flux. As soon as new technology is introduced, more technologies are waiting in the wings. But among all of the new tech that has sprung up, some have a rare staying power. These particular tech trends have carved a place out for themselves and have longevity, a rare quality in the tech world.

One such tech trend is the blockchain. Although not necessarily a new concept, as blockchain has been around for some time now, its longevity cannot be denied. Blockchain has spawned many new trends, and there is no slowing down in the coming future. One of the offspring of blockchain technology is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has garnered such an amazing amount of interest from people belonging to all walks of life that calling it a hot topic is probably an understatement. Everyone, from investors to businessmen and traders to individuals, has shown immense interest in cryptocurrency. This level of acceptability has surpassed almost all tech trends that have come and gone so far.

The virality of cryptocurrency as a concept is driven by the possibility of investors earning huge profits from their investments. This ability of cryptocurrency to endow the investor with such huge gains has driven interest into the stratosphere. And there are more flavors of cryptocurrencies around today than ever before, like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Doge Coins, among hundreds of others. And these digital currencies are popping up at an amazing rate. Then there are the other digital assets, maybe called sister techs of cryptocurrency because they are all born from blockchain networking, for example NFTs.

With so many blockchain-based digital assets available today that it’s becoming more difficult for an investor to decide. Then it must be remembered that investment in digital assets is not for the faint of the heart. With chances of making great gains comes the possibility of being stricken with abysmal losses. If an investor is not informed or careful about making investments, all their gains can quickly turn into a mighty long fall from the heights of success. To navigate the treacherous waters of digital asset investment, an investor needs to load up on relevant information.

A digital asset investor needs to possess patience, tenacity, and a wealth of information to lead them through the chaos toward digital asset investment success. There is a lot to learn for a blockchain enthusiast; NFT creation, crypto trading, and Web 3.0 development. To dabble in such tech trends, a digital asset investor, trader and developer needs knowledge.

And knowledge is what Coinmarketpedia is all about. Coinmarketpedia is a platform built specifically for imparting knowledge through online courses, live sessions and webinars. The platform provides newbie investors and seasoned crypto and blockchain experts opportunities to earn more. Specifically for new investors and traders, Coinmarketpedia provides essential information critical to making decisions that can make them winners.

Coinmarketpedia was established in 2020 by co-founders Amir Alaghband, Ashay Arya, and Aryan Farivar. Amir, Ashay, and Aryan created Coinmarketpedia to work as a knowledge base for an investor to learn their way through digital asset investment. The co-founders, who are crypto trading professionals and

blockchain experts, thought about creating an educational platform earlier in 2019. The co-founders collaborated with other blockchain experts to design knowledge building courses for the platform to create the platform. The platform currently offers on-demand course purchases and plans to introduce live sessions and webinars, blockchain-based certificate issuance and verification, package bundle options that will allow users to create custom bundles of courses, a mobile app, and a subscription model to users.

Coinmarketpedia is designed as a one-stop educational platform for investors, traders and developers of all levels and designers interested in creating NFTs, learning DeFi and blockchain use cases, developing dApps, as well as exploring techniques in artificial intelligence. Coinmarketpedia is based out of Dubai, UAE, and offers services all across the globe. Currently, Coinmarketpedia offers more than 100 courses taught by international experts and professionals, designed specifically to impart knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The project that blossomed into Coinmarketpedia was initiated in 2019 in Indonesia but later moved base to Dubai. With a seed investment amounting to 2 million dollars, the co-founders began designing courses for crypto traders. Coinmarketpedia today, as a platform, offers on-demand and pre-recorded courses, live 1 on 1 sessions, webinars and blockchain based certificates. The ultimate goal of Coinmarketpedia is to spread knowledge by working with schools and universities and introducing blockchain concepts to students. With so much to learn about the blockchain industry, Coinmarketpedia is a great platform for talented developers, seasoned investors and novice dabblers in crypto alike.