Companies Witness A Dramatic Rise In CBD Oil Sales During Pandemic

Coronavirus has hit the market in a big way. Many industries are coping with the brunt of the virus. This has resulted in stress and anxiety in people. The people going through anxiety are choosing CBD oil as an excellent way to de-stress.

The sales of legal marijuana in the U.S market has reduced in the times of coronavirus. It is hard to explain the reduction in sales because on the other hand sales for relaxing CBD oil has been increasing remarkably.

Due to the pandemic, people are undergoing a lot of mental and physical stress. In both the cases, CBD oil helps and has been doing wonders. It is remarkable how it can be used on pets and humans alike. A lot of options of CBD oil for pets are coming to help them calm down. The sale of CBD Oil in NYC from companies like Green Angel Oil has risen drastically due to such positive effects on both humans and pets.

CBD oil works so effectively in humans and pets because it doesn’t contain benzodiazepines or other additives. These are commonly used for mental health issues. These chemicals are addictive and have a wide range of side effects. Major side effects of these chemicals are sexual dysfunction, insomnia and constant drowsiness. However, CBD oil on the other hand is a natural alternative which is devoid of such side effects.

The sale of CBD oil is seeing an upward graph. It is going to grow at a rate of 31.9% in the next seven years. After March, most parts of the country have seen a high demand in CBD oil. Pandemic is the main reason behind the rise.