Cost of Hearing Aids Revealed – get NANO Hearing Aids under $700

Until a few years ago, the average cost of hearing aids was approximately $1,500 to $3,000 for one piece. Since many people with hearing problems are over the age of 65, these prices are quite steep, and these amounts are not covered by most health insurers. On the bright side, if we consider the case of veterans and NANO hearing aids, there have been exceptions.

People with hearing loss have always had a good choice of hearing aids available to them, but these were always only available from audiologists and specialists. This entailed scheduling an appointment for a diagnosis and hearing test, and then waiting for the hearing aids to arrive and be programmed. (Suggested resource: read more here)

Unfortunately, many hearing aid users were often disappointed with the quality of the sound of their hearing devices, but could not replace them because of their exorbitant price. Also, if they lost or damaged them, they could often not afford to replace them.

People with hearing loss face the risk of becoming completely isolated at the detriment of their health and should have access to affordable hearing aids. Below you will learn about realistic prices – and details on many hearing aid brands including details of “NANO” – which seems to be the most trusted brand, made in USA.

How much should I pay for digital hearing aids?

Looking at price comparison tables and reviews online, it appears that if someone is looking for quality hearing aids that offer good sound and excellent features, it is no longer necessary to spend a fortune nor go to an audiologist.

When looking for hearing aids, consumers need to consider several factors when deciding on how much they should pay for digital hearing aids. Price is important, but affordability should not mean a compromise on sound quality, number of features, and the comfortable fit of the hearing aids.

With the average price for one hearing aid currently at just over $2,300 for brands like Widex, Phonak, Signia, and ReSound, many consumers are trying to find better-priced options. These brands do offer lower-end options but these are only slightly cheaper and often lack some of the features of their expensive models.

Some newer brands are also available online now and their sellers are offering better prices as they remove the middleman from the picture. However, not all are reputable sellers and these products require intensive research. 

Costco offers some of the more expensive brands at a slightly lower price, but it also sells the Kirkland, manufactured by Sonova (parent company for Phonak). Costco’s biggest seller is the Kirkland Signature 9.0 and retails at $1,499 a pair. All devices sold at Costco cannot be purchased online and need to be programmed by an audiologist at one of their hearing centers. 

A pair of Nano digital hearing aids with similar features to the Kirkland Signature 9.0 is the Nano X2. These powerful hearing aids can be bought online at $697 for a pair and they are fully digital with noise filtering and canceling technology.

The cost of hearing aids can be compared online on various websites and these consumers can also compare their features. Unfortunately, many hearing aid manufacturers and providers do not offer prices online, but their models can be compared on their websites for features. Prices can be found in many online reviews.

How will I know which is the best brand of hearing aids?

When looking at hearing aid reviews consumers need to be careful that these are not fake and that they are from a trusted source. Not all websites have verified reviews and some of the reviews may be vague.

Consumers need to look further down than the first reviews on any trusted site and to look for much more than just prices. Durability and quality of the hearing aids, battery or recharge life, ease of use on settings controls, and wireless connectivity should all be factored into the decision-making process.

Nano digital hearing aids are tiny hearing devices that are not only invisible but are packed with features and are powerful enough to help almost any level of hearing loss.

Nano hearing aids and how the cost of these hearing aids compare with other brands

Nano hearing aids is no stranger to  the hearing aid market. It has become one of the most trusted brands with Americans – made in USA. Not only is the cost of these hearing aids considerably lower than those of other hearing aids, most sell for under $700, but they can be bought effortlessly and safely online without the need for a hearing test.

Even for consumers who are more demanding more from their hearing aids and want Bluetooth controls, Nano digital hearing aids recently launched the Nano Sigma. These hearing aids sell for under $800 for a pair and the wearer can take a hearing test on their Smartphone, with the wearer needing just one click to adjust the hearing aids to the test results.

Cost of hearing aids conclusion

Nano hearing aids prove that the cost of hearing aids can be kept down while making no compromise on features and sound quality. The best hearing aids on the market don’t need to cost more than $700 and the consumer can have access to them within a day or two by buying them online without a prescription. Bluetooth, rechargeable and invisible are just some of the latest buzz words you will encounter – enjoy shopping for your new hearing aids. Do it online and compare thoroughly by reading reviews.